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WHOOSH: A Film About Chasing Healing by Hannah Bunker

Dear reader, you’ve been with me on a journey through so much over the years. Buying our home, infertility, adoption… The most recent valley in my life have been my health issues the past few years.

In 2015 I began hearing constant whooshing in my ear, called Pulsatile Tinnitus. I progressively began having other terrible symptoms that made it hard to function in daily life. Every doctor I saw couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and it made me feel like I was crazy. Searching for answers and healing felt like chasing something elusive. Although I tried to keep a positive mindset, a lot of times I felt hopeless and disheartened as my health continued to deteriorate. The few days leading up to my surgery were my worst. At the kids’ 3rd birthday party the weekend before, I collapsed in our closet right as guests were arriving because the pressure in my head was unbearable.

I was terribly depressed. I was horribly anxious. One day in particular I had such a panic attack that I started hitting myself in the head, sobbing, not caring if I lived or died. I couldn’t live life to the level at which I desired because I walked around every day absolutely miserable.

Having no answers with such devastating symptoms felt so alone.

To cope, I did the only thing I knew how…tell my story. So I began to document the process. After two years they finally discovered I have hydrocephalus and had a blockage in my brain. So I had to have brain surgery.

It’s been six months since my brain surgery and I put the footage together from those two years into this little movie. This is the story from my first doctor appointment to 6 months after my brain surgery. And I wanted to share it with you, not only to get a glimpse at the last two years and what that was like for me, but also to encourage anyone who is going through a medical trial to continue to believe for healing.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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