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What I Wore: Rawr!

Well, whaddaya know? Here I am doing another “fashion” post! I still reserve the right to put the “fashion” in quotation marks because I feel it’s a disclaimer of sorts. It warns my readers, “I may enjoy taking pictures of myself in clothes but I’m not guaranteeing I know anything about what I’m doing.”

There are a few things I do know about fashion. I require comfort, a large Mary Poppins bag, and shirt that can withstand an abnormal amount of daily armpit sweat. All my shirts must pass the sweat test. I’ve come to a point where I can just look at a shirt on a rack and know whether or not it will hold up to the task. This shirt? Well, we’re tried-and-true war buddies. It’s been through a lot of steamy days and it’s held up its end of the bargain very well. I could have just pulled this shirt out of the washer and be wearing it wringing wet and you would never know. That’s my kind of shirt.

I’d also like to clarify that when I said that my days are “steamy,” I don’t mean like hot, heavy, and full of passion like a Jackie Collins novel. I know I tend to have that kind of aura about me *eyeroll* but you would be mistaken. I mean that I’ve done some unexpected labor in this shirt like haul a ton of equipment to and from a truck on a hot summer day. If that’s not steamy, I don’t know what is. Well, except for a sauna. Those are pretty steamy.

Aaaaaanywho…I sucked up my pride and asked Aaron to grab some quick shots of me while we were out. It was a little awkward but I embraced it. The way I see it, nothing is more awkward than the neighbor watching you sweat your makeup away while failing at taking photos of yourself with your camera balanced on a porch step (like this post).

I adjusted my settings like I wanted and then handed my camera over. I have to tell you, I’m proud of my guy for getting these shots. He might have just shot himself in the foot because he’s now my on-duty camera man. What? You didn’t know I’d force you to learn about aperture and ISO when we got married?

Aaron: Let me take a picture of your ring so everyone sees how pretty it is.

This one on the right I’d like to use as my Real Housewives of Houston headshot.

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Sam Moon
Bag: Jo Totes, Missy in Mint
Ring: Helzberg, December 2006 uhthankyaverymuch
Nail Polish: Sally Hansen, Petal Pusher


Sidenote: I love my Jo Totes bag! Check out this post to see how I did a remix of their Rose bag!

  • Aunie - it IS a pretty ring! how fun!! you guys are pros at this already! ReplyCancel

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