We need YOU! Coming Soon! A new video series about marriage and relationships.

Exciting news, people…

Aaron and I have joined our super-awesome married powers and have decided to start a little (or big?) video series together that we’ll be posting on this here blog!

*with our powers combined…!!!* All you 90’s kids know where that phrase goes.

So for all you people who are nerds like me and wonder what people on the internets act and sound like in real life, you’ll get to see us in all of our quirky, awkward video glory.

The videos will be about marriage and relationships. We’ll be talking about different relationship topics that we’re passionate about as well as answering questions that are sent to us dealing with those issues.

I think we’re going to call it “The Marriage Bunker.” What do you think?

Before I go any further, let me tell the Readers Digest version of how this idea was birthed.

Aaron and I have always been a unique couple. Ever since we were dating (yes, dating) we’ve wanted to help couples thrive in their relationships and in their marriages. We’re both knowledge seekers who love helping people and are passionate about marriage, even while we were dating.

When we got engaged we had a glimpse of the vision and plan for our lives as a married couple. We’ve felt like we would be in ministry together, traveling and speaking to couples at conferences (or where ever) about having a thriving marriage and all that goes along with it. It’s a seed that was planted in our hearts a very long time ago that has been growing all these years.

So after we got married a few things happened. One, we attended a marriage conference. At that conference we both looked at each other and were like, “that is going to be us speaking some day.” It was a vision the Lord gave us as a couple. It might sound crazy to some people; We’ve only been married for 5 (almost) years and we’re young. But that doesn’t matter. When you’re called to do something, the Lord moves mountains in spite of what the world thinks is crazy. Two, Aaron decided to follow his dream of being a marriage counselor and worked and got his masters degree. The whole time he has been in school he has said, “as soon as I’m done, I’m applying for us to be speakers.”

This past November he applied. We qualified for all but one thing – it’s a requirement that you have at least one child.


I can’t even express to you how much that hurt. For someone dealing with infertility (read our infertility journey here) to be excluded from something they are qualified for because of biological circumstances out of their control…that is just absolutely heart-wrenching. While I understand that having children is a huge aspect of marriage and you want people who are qualified to talk about it, I don’t think it’s fair to have it in the rules that a couple without a child can’t be considered. Sure, we don’t have children but we have SO MUCH to offer! For one, how about offering support and hope for couples dealing with infertility? By them having this stipulation they are alienating so many people who are going through this issue.

I have been angry and I have been hurt. But out of that hurt came a determination. In no way did I feel like this was a closed door. As a matter of fact, I encouraged Aaron that this is an opportunity!

Their stipulation doesn’t have to stop us. As soon as Aaron told me that news, one of the first things that came out of my mouth was, “Well then we’ll organize a conference ourselves!” I can be a little feisty and ambitious.

For now the conference thing is for the distant future. But, a few weeks ago, after playing around with the idea for a while, I said to him, “What if we did a video series on the blog where we talked about marriage just like we would as speakers?” He was all in from the get-go. It’s actually funny because for years I’ve been asking Aaron to write a series about marriage on this blog. But even though he’s been interested he’s not passionate about writing like I am, and the idea of writing stressed him out. However, the boy is a talker and has such a personable character that he is perfect on video!

In hindsight I see how Aaron and I handled this news as a team and how our strengths and weaknesses have come together; His calm, even-mannered character helped me to calm down. He’s the calm one telling me to walk carefully when I’m the one running through the halls during a fire drill. But on the other end, my feisty determination has helped him see this, not as a closed door, but to use this as an opportunity.We don’t know what will come of doing a video series, we just know that we’re bubbling over and need to do something! We feel like God put this road block on the way to our vision for a reason. He’s going to use this. So right now, we are going to do something with the resources we have available – our knowledge, our passion, a video camera, and this blog.

We’ll be working on our end but here’s what we’d like from YOU!…

We’d love for you to send in your questions or topics for us to answer and discuss. It’s completely anonymous and even if you send us an email or message separately, we’ll never discuss your identity. We just want to start generating discussion, and to share our passion for helping marriages thrive.

We’re excited to get this project started! Follow this link and enter your questions and topics (completely anonymous)! Or feel free to shoot us an email (hannah@hannahbunker.com), tweet us (@hannahbunker  | @aaronbunker), Facebook message us, Instagram me (hannahbunker), or if you see us in real life, feel free to talk to us! We won’t bite, but we might high five you or go all in for a hug. 😉

Let’s get this party started!

Ps. All the photos in this post are screen grabs from the first video we filmed. I’m putting my newly-learned editing skills to the test and should be posting video #1 next week! Hopefully this little video will hold you over until then…

You’re welcome for that. 🙂

  • Shanna - Exciting! I can’t wait to tune in.

    Love the name too!ReplyCancel

  • Lesli A. Westfall - High five you guys! Go for IT!
    Love ya both!

  • Kasey Lynn Blagrave - Y’all are awesome. Love you both.ReplyCancel

  • Sean Jackson - ***ENDORSEMENT*** My wife and I had the pleasure of sitting under the Bunker Ministry in our small group for a sememster. What you see is what you get with these amazing people! So, whaddayaget? You get educated, well-spoken, thought-provoking, challenging you to be better, scripturally sound teaching in a serious (sometimes quirky) delivery. They were full of good stuff! They draw you into the lesson and leave you begging for more. This couple is on the right track, with the tools/knowledge, to help you get on, or continue on, the right track for your marriage. Get behind them, listen intently, and feel free to question anything you don’t understand, as they are totally accessible and willing to shed light on anything they teach. Aaron Bunker and Hannah Bunker, I love you guys and wish you all the best in this endeavor! Be blessed!ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Elaine Tweito Aldrich - Having recently toured military bunkers at Normandy I LOVE your title “The Marriage Bunker”. Many marriages and even the institution of marriage itself can rightly be viewed as “under attack” so focusing on the “fortified position” will provide an infusion of strength. For those just embarking or those tangled in turmoil you can provide strategies and support. Even though I’ve been married for almost 40 years (with the man of my dreams whom I met in first grade) we are still learning new things about each other and ourselves. I believe every marriage can benefit from ‘fine tuning’ by confronting tough issues and recharging our long life batteries. Forge ahead, Soldiers!ReplyCancel

  • Larry Westfall - 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Leigh Ann Bunker - Love the title!ReplyCancel

  • JoAnn Burnett - Good for you both!ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Bunker - Thanks so much @[1559408486:2048:Sean Jackson]. You and your wife @[1684106993:2048:Angela Sims Jackson] are a blessingReplyCancel

  • Hannah Bunker - Wow, Sean your kind words mean so much to us! You and Angela are such a blessing!ReplyCancel

  • Sean Jackson - I’m really excited to see where God takes your ministry – if there’s ever anything i can offer to help you guys along the way…just ask. Love y’all, be blessed.ReplyCancel

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