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Waiting for Grace

We’re all used to waiting. We wait in line at the grocery store, on the phone with customer service, or for a package to come in the mail. While some waiting in life is routine, there are seasons in the meantime where waiting can be excruciatingly painful as we wait for a particular promise to come to fruition in our lives.

The waiting is inevitable, but the Bible tells us that we’ll be transformed from glory to glory. How exactly can we be transformed and grow in the season between those glorious moments when the ache for our promise is too much to bear? This is a question that I’ve asked on countless occasions during my “meantime” – walking down the rocky, scorching road of infertility to the promise of motherhood.

When Aaron and I named our yet-to-be-conceived child “Grace,” we had no idea that the meaning of our child’s name was the antidote to the brokenness and frustrations of our waiting. Not only do we find ourselves waiting on a promise from God to be fulfilled in our lives, we’re also waiting on the grace to help us get through those messy “meantime” seasons. These tough seasons aren’t in vain. They are filled with God’s limitless grace that will transform our lives, build our character, heal our hurts, and allow us to grow in a supernatural intimacy with Christ.

Waiting for Grace is a series here on my blog about my infertility struggles and is proof that from the ashes, God’s grace in our lives can reveal a gem of beauty, heal grief, and mold us into who he has made us to be, even during the toughest waiting periods of our lives and even before we arrive at our promises. We realize there is no waiting for grace because grace is right beside us through every step of the journey, parked next to us in the meantime, and enough to carry us through until we reach the next glory.

No matter what you are going through, we want our story and our journey to help bring hope and help build faith in the lives of others.

Besides, where else should one talk about the status of their uterus? Why on the internets, of course!

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