Waiting for Grace: Our first adoption 101 class

This past Thursday Aaron and I went to our first adoption education class! We’ve had it on the calendar for two months now and have been very excited to start our first official step.

A lot of people have been asking us what agency we’re going through for our adoption and the answer is: we haven’t chosen one. We aren’t even sure yet if we want to go through an agency. Aaron and I only officially made the decision as a couple in November to pursue adoption, we told our families on Christmas, then the rest of the world (aka, you lovelies out there reading) in this post a few weeks ago. So when I tell you that we are in the very beginning stages…we are in the very beginning stages!

We wanted to attend this class before we made any decisions about what path we are going to take. It was something we were both in agreement with and felt very peaceful about. We’ve been reading and researching on our own, of course, but it’s always different when you’re being guided by people who have been there and make a living independently helping couples maneuver their way through the adoption world. And we felt that this class would be a great start. Right now we aren’t in any rush and want to get as much information as possible so we can be as prepared as possible before deciding which route to take.

Some good friends of ours attended this class, called Discover Adoption, and highly recommended it. These friends are people we greatly trust so we decided to sign up and put it on our schedule. They said it was incredilby informative, with real-life testimonies, examples of all the paperwork you have to fill out, step-by-step guides, and all with a Godly, Christian perspective.

The first class we covered some topics I’m glad were discussed before we ever even jumped into the logistics of adoption. Because it’s Christian-based, a lot of the first class’ discussion was about self-assessment, understanding your reason for adoption, and making sure your heart and spirit are in the right place to pursue adoption as an individual and as a couple. We did cover some of the super-basics as far as the different routes to take towards adoption but the main focus for this first session focused on generating discussion to make sure your heart, mind, and spirit are ready to pursue adoption.

Mine is. Aaron is. We are. And we couldn’t be more excited!

My favorite “nugget” of advice from the whole first session was this: As Christians, we should see adoption as a mission field. I think that’s great advice! But in the grand scheme of things, isn’t parenting in itself a mission field? I had never particularly thought of it that way. I have a feeling my eyes are going to opened to so many new revelations as we embark on this new journey!


  • Kyla - Exciting stuff! I read somewhere that if 3% of the world’s professing Christians would adopt one child, then all adoptable children would have homes. Kind of a staggering thought!ReplyCancel

  • Kara M - So great! I remember the confusion. We went to an adoption conference and felt like someone was spraying us with a firehose. Finally, a sweet couple directed us to a ministry that helps couples in the very beginning stages! I still keep in touch with that couple, because, just by pointing us to the right place, they helped our family so much!

    Enjoy the journey!ReplyCancel

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