Vision Letters: A new Valentine’s Day tradition

If you read my post about Valentine’s Day you know that I’m not a big fan of the commercial holiday. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it just doesn’t jive with me. I always ask that Aaron not get me anything because I don’t really go for the kitschy Valentines paraphernalia. This year I didn’t want chocolate because I’m trying to watch what I eat. I never want flowers because they last for two days and then they’re dead. I didn’t want a card because in spite of my best intentions to scrapbook most of the cards I receive, they just end up on a box in the office called “cards.” An uninspirational end to an otherwise, well-meant gesture. Cards just make me feel guilty for throwing them away.

We had intended on getting each other nothing this Valentines Day when the weekend before February 14th Aaron revealed to me that he was writing me a letter. Not really for Valentines, but it happened to fall around that holiday. So sweet!

But there’s more to this letter than it just being a “love letter.” Actually, it’s not a love letter at all. Aaron got this idea from a class he is taking on Wednesday nights at the counseling center where he interns. The class is based on the book Soul Talk by Larry Crabb. I have yet to read the book but I love the idea of it. In the book the author suggests writing a vision letter to a specific person in your life. Here is how Aaron describes a Vision Letter:

Inspired by Larry Crabb’s “Soul Talk” and led by the Holy Spirit I just completed a vision letter for my dear sweet wife, Hannah. I encourage everyone to ignite the passion in those they love and share your Godly vision for them. What do you see God doing in their lives and how can you be a part of it? Speak to their soul. We are our own worst critics and sometimes we need someone from the outside to show us the vision they have for our lives. Think of someone you deeply want to connect with. Think about what is going on in their life. Use the passion inside of you to reach the deepest part of who they are. Tell them what you see God doing in their life. What would their life look like if it was completely abandoned to God. What do you see in them that God wants to use. What do you see for them. What is your vision for them. How can you be a part of that plan and help them strive towards their true image of themselves in Christ. We are all supposed to bear the image of God. What does it mean for them to bear the image of God? What is the vision for their life?

When he told me he was writing me a letter I thought, “that’s the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift!” In my excitement, I decided to write Aaron a Vision Letter to explain the vision I have for my husband. I’m not great at explaining to him regularly the great things I see him doing in his life so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Since we’re not big on buying regalia for Valentines, when we read each other’s letters aloud to the other, we decided that this would make a perfect tradition; To write each other a Vision Letter every February 14th.

We also decided to share here on the blog what we wrote to each other.

To read my letter to Aaron {C L I C K  H E R E}.

To read Aaron’s letter to me {C L I C K  H E R E}

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  • Kim - Wow, those are some powerful letters. And even though Valentine's Day may be totally commercial, these have found the true heart of the holiday.

    Thanks for the comment on my post. I emailed a response but then noticed that your email isn't hooked up to your account so I don't think you will get it? So I just thought I would leave it here instead. Hope that's ok! 🙂

    It was definitely a scary time, and to look back on it now, it seems kind of surreal. I know it bothers him that he can't hear as well now, but we both know how it could have been so much worse. And, trust me, he uses that excuse to have *selective* hearing when I'm talking sometimes haha! Every man we knew joked with him about how a deaf ear would work wonders for our marriage. 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment on my picture too, I really appreciate it! ReplyCancel

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