Vision Letter: Dear Hannah

From the moment I met you I have longed for a connection to your heart and to your spirit. We have been together for almost 6 years and I continue to be drawn to your heart. I believe there is something in your spirit and mine that connects and the spirit of God is ignited when the two come in contact with each other. I continue to be amazed at your love for people and your desire to connect to others in a way that moves them. When I think of my vision for you I get a smooth chill and excitement that runs down my body. I see you as a tea pot percolating and ready to explode. With you being completely abandoned to God you can accomplish anything. God has placed in you desires that are of Him and they are good. The passions you feel are an exciting spiritual nudge in the right direction. I see you as boiling over and exploding your love for God. Just like you made my spirit jump all of those years ago I believe God has placed in you the ability to make other spirits jump and be drawn to you. I see you filled with joy and excitement. The thing you have to be aware of is that it will not be easy. God is going to use your story to heal hearts. He will use your pain and your brokenness to reach the world. Your perseverance is contagious and will catch people on fire. People will see your love and passion and determination to follow Him no matter what that cost may be that they will be drawn to the Cross. I see you as a conqueror. I see you as an overcomer. You have overcome your insecurities and your fear of failures because at the end of the day you know that God is for you and with you. He is all you will ever need and desire. Through the pain of this world you will bring healing and hope to those in pain. You will bring joy to those in sadness and you will bring brokenness to those who need to hear from the Lord. Your brokenness and desire for healing will inspire many. They will see your pain and hurt, but they will see your strength in who you are. You are a godly woman filled with joy and compassion and strength that can only come from your maker. You have suffered much and I am not here to say that your pain will go away, it won’t. There will be more pain and struggles, but God will use your pain and your hurt to heal you and to speak into you who He is. He will use you to show people that God is still in the people business. Continue to listen to that still small voice that speaks to you so clearly. That whisper that tells you He loves and you and has not forgotten your name. You are full of grace. You Hannah Bunker and you have a story to tell.

I love you more and more every day and I am continued to be blessed and honored that God choose me to live this life as your partner. I am excited and truly blessed to be your husband. I pray that you trust Him and that you do not give up when you don’t feel like you are accomplishing anything. Second to God I love you above anything else. I will be your shoulder to lean on when you are tired and I will pray for you when you need an advocate. I will be your armor bearer. I will stand in the front of the lines and fight for you. Be that tea pot Hannah, and let God boileth that pot over. I love you more today than I ever have and thank you for being that God fearing woman who pushes me to be that image of a godly husband for you. You are a beautiful image of who Christ is. God is Love! I LOVE YOU!

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