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(VIDEO) Ice Tray Color Sorter for Toddlers

ice tray color sorter for toddlers

Hi Dear Readers! Boy, do I have some fun in store for you today – particularly if you get excited about colors that are organized in ROY G BIV order. Or is that just me that gets happy heart palpitations when I see rainbows? #rainbowtizeallthethings

My twins will be two in a month and lately they’ve become little sponges of learning. Their language is developing. They’re able to do a lot of stuff on their own. They love to help around the house. And they love colors.

I wanted a way to help them learn their colors so I put together this quick color sorter craft for us to do together to help them learn their different colors. They haven’t completely grasped the concept, but they’re getting there. And thanks to Bubble Guppies, they know that blue and red make purple. So when I ask what color something is they excitedly exclaim, “PURPLE!” when the item is yellow. Hmm…you’ll get there kids.

So I put together a quick video of my DIY toddler color sorter to show you how I made mine. It’s SUPER easy. Like, do-it-with-your-eyes-closed easy. So if you have a toddler and you want to help them learn their colors, this is something you could put together during nap time.


NOTE: Like I mention in the video, I figured out acrylic paint doesn’t stick to plastic (duh, Hannah! You knew this!). So if you have acrylic paint on hand already (Like I did and didn’t want to buy other paint), a good alternative would be a paper or foam egg carton. Or if you really like the ice tray idea, you could get paint specifically for plastic. Just keep that in mind. I continue to use the chipped-paint ice trays until we use all our eggs so I can redo this project with an egg carton. 😉

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