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This is how fashion bloggers do it, right?

Here’s my wardrobe situation.

I’m not a fashion blogger and I rarely talk about clothes on my blog. Which is weird because I love clothes. I think of fashion as a little art project that you get to wear every day. A fun way to express your personality, your mood, your life outlook.

You would be surprised at the amount of fashion blogs I follow based on the way I dress. I think I just live vicariously through them. I love to stare at pretty clothes while going through my feed. (My favorite is Kendi, if you were curious) I pin, I imagine the outfits I can put together, I online shop without ever hitting the checkout button. My husband thanks me for this self control.

But because I love clothes doesn’t mean I have much or even dress as snazzy as I would like. On the list of priorities, clothes fall lower on the list than say, food, shelter, and healthcare. Okay, that’s dramatic. It’s just that buying clothes doesn’t happen often, so I do with what I can, just dream, and every once in a while invest in some fun clothes that I’ll really enjoy.

Also, can I say that because of my mentality that clothes are a luxury, my closet is a lot like a uniform surplus store? I tend to be more practical. A pair of jeans will be worn with more items than a pair of mustard yellow skinnies. Even though I reeeeaaaally want the pair of mustard yellow skinnies and can already think of a million ways to wear them. I buy the jeans because they’re practical – they’re the mini van of my wardrobe.

But I don’t just buy one pair of jeans. No. When I find a good pair of jeans I stick with them for life. I’m devoted. And those jeans are Old Navy skinny Rockstar jeans. I own eight (EIGHT) pairs of skinny Rockstar jeans…all in the same exact color! What is wrong with me? I watch for them to go on sale, save up my coupons, then buy 2 pair every time they hit $19 instead of their normal $34.

I have problems, people. I have this irrational fear that Old Navy will all of a sudden discontinue my favorite jeans so I feel the need to stock up like it’s Y2K. At least they’re skinny jeans. That’s hip, right?

I’ve also memorized the entire women’s clothing inventory at the Target. I see a friend wearing a blouse and ask, “Did you get that at Target?” It’s the same friend that after asking this same question on the 5th different blouse she goes, “Is that the only place you shop?” To which I reply, “As a matter of fact, yes. And apparently so do you.” It’s all in love, folks.

It would be so much easier if I just had an endorsement from Target and Old Navy because those are the only places I shop. I would just go pick out some clothes on their dime and style them to show everyone the different options offered at these stores.

Sidenote: What are the best SEO tricks to get them to see this post to put this bug in their ear? 

But even if Target and Old Navy were to think about endorsing me for my faithfulness and styling abilities, they would drop me in a heart beat after seeing how I take self portraits for “fashion” (notice the ” “) posts. Seriously, it’s hard taking photos of yourself! I could recruit my husband or even the photographer friend I work for and see every day, but that would require me 1) asking for help which I hate doing and 2) being in front of a camera in front of people. That never goes over well. Apparently, neither does being in front of a camera with just myself.

I was feeling especially cute this day so I decided to get fancy and document with my DSLR. Self portraits are hard and time consuming! I’m so much better behind a camera! Relying on a remote and making it focus where you want is dang hard! Any tips from you fashionista documenters, I will gladly listen.

This is as good as you’re going to get because it was hot, I was having technical difficulties, and it was hot. Did I say it was hot? Like, August-in-Houston-hot. Which is the same as Amazon-jungle-hot.

I always shoot in manual and I was having such a hard time doing this on my own in manual. So I begrudgingly set my camera on auto just to get a picture. Imagine this with a gorgeous 1.8 depth of field, a golden glow above my head, and my hand not obviously holding the shutter remote.

Once I got to the details and could hold my camera to adjust the settings in manual, it was so much better.

I had been dreaming of buying a pair of wedge, platform, cork, strappy sandals but my practicality kept me from doing so because, even though I think they’re cute, my feet always cry out for a good pair of flats. However, after seeing a friend wearing THE shoes that had been in my brain for so long, I knew those were it. I had to have them.

I went to the store to buy them a few weeks and much debate later after I saw them on her feet. But heavens to Betsy, they had the exact same shoes in leopard print! Not even a week before this, I said to myself as I was getting ready, “This outfit would look great with a pair of leopard print heels.” After standing in the store, staring and debating for 30 minutes about the exact cork wedge sandal I wanted (in leopard print!), I decided to splurge and buy them. They were $20 off and it was tax-free weekend in Texas. I can’t remember the last time I spent that much money ($60) on a pair of shoes but I’m happy I did because they make me feel sassy. As if I needed any more sass.

So that’s the saga of my attempt at fashion blogging. It may or may not continue. More than likely I’ll just stick to bathroom selfies in front of my dirty, splotchy full length mirror.

I wonder if that would be okay with my Target and Old Navy endorsements posts.


And since it seems this is what fashion bloggers do:

Pants: Target
Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Dillard’s, Lucky Brand
Watch: Fossil
Belt: Sam Moon
Necklace: Clementine on Etsy



I was not paid by Target or Old Navy to write this. And there are no endorsements. That’s a joke. Unless they would have me. Then I’m not joking.


Are you like me and find yourself being practical with your wardrobe, devoted to one thing? Or are you adventurous and shell out for the unique wears? What are some of your favorite items in your closet?


  • Aunie - i like it… especially those shoes! and don't you worry, i'm not a typical "fashion" blogger either. i love being different! ReplyCancel

    • Hannah - Thanks, Aunie. You've definitely got the fashion thing down. 😉 ReplyCancel

  • Meg O. - Hollah for you doing a fashion post! I have been wanting to try my hands at one but I get so nervous because I think I will look ridiculous! You look so cute and I just love those wedges! Heck, I love the whole combo. Keep posting more. And….. yeah…. that is a lot of frickin rockstar jeans!!!! ReplyCancel

    • Hannah - Just go for it, Meg! You have great style..I'd love to see your ensembles!

      And yes, lots of Rockstar jeans. I have this irrational fear that Old Navy will decide to stop carrying them, so I feel the need to hoard them. I found a good thing and don't want to let go. lol ReplyCancel

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