The Pioneer Woman and the Redheaded Sisterhood

Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity and privilege to meet one of my favorite ladies, Ree Drummond…The Pioneer Woman. If you read around my blog any you’ll find several references to her and that’s because she is my blogging role model. I aspire to have a blog like hers. Except I’m no cook. But we share a similar sense of humor and we’re both not afraid to poke fun at ourselves. Oh, and the red-headed, gingerly thing…we’ve also got that in common. As a matter of fact our red-headed sisterhood warranted a high-five between the two of us. “High-five for redheads!” she said when I first approached her table.

The book signing was held at Blue Willow Bookshop on Dairy Ashford and I have to say it was the best book signing I have ever been to. It was so organized, fun, and relaxed and the ladies at Blue Willow were so nice and courteous that it made the 3 hour wait to meet Ree easily bearable…the lovely weather helped too. The bookstore had such a quaint, homey feel that the 45 minute drive across town will be worth it one Saturday just so I can browse around the store. And did I mention it’s local? As the shirt in the picture below says, “Love Your Local.”

Ree was in town promoting her new childrens book, Charlie the Ranch Dog which I read while waiting in line. The book is adorable, especially if you’re familiar with the personality of her basset hound, Charlie. He has the best intentions to help around the ranch but is just a lazy dog at heart. However, he ends up being the hero in the end. If there’s one way to melt my heart it’s with a lovable, underdog animal.

After high-fiving our redheaded roots, she politely asked if I was planning on having children because we need to populate the earth with more redheads. I agreed but warned her that my husband has blond hair so our kids might end up with strawberry blond hair. “That’ll be great and so cute!” she said. Usually when people ask the “children” question my feathers start ruffling because I believe it’s none of their business, but I appreciated her humor and the nice, general way she asked, so I was perfectly fine with the question.

We talked more about my future kids and her present four as she was signing my books. She took the time to ask me questions about myself and show genuine interest. There was no rushing me off so she could move on to the next person which, sure, is probably the reason it was taking forever. But I would rather wait three hours for someone who takes the time to talk to the people who came to see her, than wait three hours just to say hello to an author from a distance while they simply sign their name and dismiss you two seconds later. She was so sweet and so kind and completely lived up to my expectations. I told her that I aspire to have a blog like hers and she said, “If I can do it, you can do it.”

It was really a great experience and so fun meeting The Pioneer Woman.


I wish I had been more aware of my body language and wasn’t crossing my arms. It makes me look slouchy and stand-offish which is not how I was at all. I was probably crossing them because I was intent on what we were talking about. Note to self: avoid standing cross armed when talking to people.

Oh, and props to Blue Willow Bookshop for having an employee there (who was familiar with handling a camera..I asked) taking pictures for those of us who came solo. And major props to the photographer for getting actions shots instead of just posed shots. You rock!

Me and The Pioneer Woman. It was so great meeting you, Ree!


  • Maddy - I adore the Pioneer Woman! She's a friend in my head too 🙂 And I'm glad she's just as funny, friendly and down-to-earth as I imagined! ReplyCancel

  • makana - your pictures turned out way better than mine did! I was so sad I didn't have the flash on to make sure they turned out.

    I totally get the body language thing… i was a complete DORK the whole time. Anyhow, glad to see you were there too! ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Glad you enjoyed meeting Ree. Definitely come back and visit us at Blue Willow sometime soon! ReplyCancel

  • Becky - I'm so glad you had fun! I was your photog that evening and I'm glad they came out! Please come back and see us again soon! ReplyCancel

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