Summer Recap

Confession: I have been a terrible life-documenter this summer here on the blog. I’ve done an okay job on Instagram. Once that sucker came to Android it took over me. So if you follow me on Instagram (hannahbunker) then you’ve got a good load of what’s happened in my life this summer.

But I’ve been a slacker around here. My apologies to the ten people who follow me. I know you’re just burning with questions like “What DID Hannah do this weekend?!” and “HOW did she wear her hair yesterday?!” or the one I know you’re REALLY wanting to know…”What famous people has she been mingling with lately?!” All of these questions have both a question mark AND an exclamation point at the end of them because I know you’re that emphatic about them.

No need to fear. I’m back on the wagon. Fall is coming up and I’m feeling rejuvinated. Summer time always drains me but now that fall is around the corner I’m ready to bombard you with pictures and stories all about this life I lead. Hold onto your drawers (your bottom garments, as I have explained to my husband) because things are about to be awesome. I’ve got a blog post schedule to prove it.

In the meantime, here’s a recap of my summer activities. Lots of craftiness, friends, Millie, and sunshine.

Nerf war was declared in the work place.

I met this wonderful lady at church, Lisa Osteen Comes. Her book You Are Made for More is the one I was talking about in this post.

We celebrated Father’s Day.

We had date nights and game nights with our friends.

We celebrated July 4th with friends.

THEN, I busted my butt to get ready for a summer craft fair sponsored by the Young Survival Coalition. A friend from HOPE group organized the event so Lesli and I both participated selling crafts to help support both YSC and our respective charities…Lesli and Dancing Upon Barren Land. Me…well, my business.

My booth at the craft fair.

Lesli’s booth at the craft fair. She went all out! I was seriously so impressed by her table decorating and display skills.

I guess we both woke up that morning and thought it was an appropriate day to have the same hair and wear green shirts.

And because I’m a professional, I like to keep it classy…

Having some fun with this guy, playing with shutter speed. Photos thanks to Larry.

Refreshing summer drinks.

I spent my summer trying to keep these succulents alive.

And I also spent the summer letting Millie’s fur grow. Why do I do that during the summer and then cut it in the winter? I don’t know how I got that backwards. But I do know this…that girl is a cuddler! And I love it when she’s fluffy because it’s like snuggling with a furry, lovey pillow.

There was time enjoying nature…

And then I went to New York.

Those photos will be here tomorrow.

How was YOUR summer?

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