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Setting Up My Inspiring Space – The Office Before

I’ve fallen under the new year’s inspiration. No matter how hard I try not to (because I hate cliches), there’s something so rejuvenating about a new year that makes you want to start fresh. Technically my start fresh began around September as I started decluttering our house. Clutter depresses me. It makes me feel so icky and heavy. I finally had enough of it in September. So I went crazy decluttering our home which in turn makes my life feel decluttered and I’m able to breathe again.

Last week I got into another spurt of decluttering frenzy as I was moving the twins into separate rooms (more about that later, maybe). So their rooms have ended up pristine and clutter-free. Our master bedroom is now serene and clutter free. The playroom is now clutter-free. The living room is decluttered.

Our house may look pristine (or what I call “Toddler Pristine”) but our poor office has been neglected in the meantime. Promise you’ll look quickly then look away. Don’t stare at it for too long…


Papers and gadgets strewn about on our desks.


My blue craft table has resurfaced after living outside for a year. Right now it’s home to baby items we’re giving away to friends.


The Expedit shelf has been the catch-all for my craft crap.

I told you it’s been neglected. As I’ve been cleaning and purging everything else, the items that I wanted to keep but didn’t have an immediate place for were thrown into the office. Aaron and I share an office space and it can get very busy in here. The clutter on our desks makes me panic. I’m serious. I have heart palpitations looking at these photos. However, I know that everything here has a place. I just haven’t had time to do anything with it. But now that the kids’ rooms are at least set up and clean (more on that later, maybe), I can start focusing my attention on creating an inspiring space for both Aaron and I to get work done.

I’m not working toward anything Pinterest-y. I mean, some of the home offices you see on Pinterest are so staged and impractical, it hurts. A practical office always has a certain level of messy if it’s really being used. That’s just my opinion though. If you’re into that perfection, more power to you. I just want a space that’s organized, practical, and inspiring…and even feels a little bit used because that makes me feel at home.

So here we go, new year’s project…

To be continued.

Now seriously, stop looking at these photos. It’s embarrassing.

  • Natalia - Nothing embarrassing about anything you write about. You keep it real. I love that about your posts. I would love to read about the individual kid’s room. ReplyCancel

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