Phelps Face

The summer games are upon us. And in the Bunker house we’re keeping up with the sports we care about only every four years. lol, Am I right? Last night as we watched Michael Phelps win his 22nd gold medal and Simone Biles (native Houstonian, woot woo!) win the gold, I cried as I kept watching and thinking about their parents sitting in the bleachers cheering them on, holding their breath, and celebrating their victories with them.

How many hours have their parents sat on the bleachers watching their children dedicate and train to become all-star athletes? I never understood the level of commitment for a parent of an Olympic athlete, even when I was the athlete dreaming of maybe some day making it to the Olympics (LOL). But then I look at these pictures of my toddlers and wonder if some day I’ll be that mom sitting in the bleachers while they train, holding them when they fail, cheering them on, and hi-fiving them when they win (or when they don’t). Not to put pressure or my expectations on my kids because they can do or be what they want. I don’t want my plans for them; I want God’s plans for them.

But I watch those parents of Olympic athletes and I finally understand. I get the commitment. And I will most likely be like Aly Raisman’s mom, a nervous wreck in the stands. I want my kids to follow their dreams and I want to be there to cheer them on – no matter what they decide to do in life. I am their number one fan. And I pray I do my best in my parenting to help them know that.


And if Cason ever becomes an Olympic swimmer, I’m giving this photo to NBC to show his #PhelpsFace from the Summer Games 2016.


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