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Painting Tip: How to get perfect lines

I was reading around the web within the last weeks looking for some diy projects and some decorating inspiration. I came across this little tip to use when painting your walls. I have to tell you, I feel like this is the greatest idea since painting with a roller sponge…I’m seriously telling everyone I know because if you have ever used painters tape you KNOW it’s a pain in the b-uh-hutt when you pull off your tape after working on a hard paint job just to find out that your paint seeped under the tape. Really, it’s the most frustrating thing in the WORLD! This tip will seriously save you the major headache of having to go back and touch up all that seepy, annoying paint.

I painted our kitchen this weekend (with some help from my friend, Daisha *thanks, girl!*) and tried this tip. It was so easy to do and when I removed my tape I had flawless, straight lines.


painters tape

Clear mixing glaze (the article said to use matte but I used satin. I figured it didn’t matter since the paint I was using was semi-gloss which has a higher gloss than satin. It would have mattered if I used, say flat paint because the satin would have shown through in those areas I used the glaze. So if you are using a flat paint, you may want to go with matte.)

1 to 1.5 inch paint brush

Step 1:

Tape everything that needs to be taped.

Step 2:

Use a brush and paint the glaze onto the tape and onto the wall. The glaze keeps the paint from seeping under the tape. I let it dry for about 8 hours.

Step 3:

Paint accordingly.

Step 4:

Once all paint is dry,  carefully remove your tape. I had to be careful around door frames and window panes because the paint is latex based and if I pulled it too hard or a certain direction, the tape would rip the paint off. Be careful and take it slow.

Step 5:

I went back and used the glaze along the edges that were once taped. Especially in places like the picture above. I didn’t want the edge of the paint to rip off the wall so I painted glaze on the blue and the beige to give it a little extra protection.

And there ya go! Seriously, you have to try this. I’m never painting again without doing this first…it saved me so much time and heartache!

P.S. I want to post pictures of the freshly painted kitchen but by the time I get home the sun is already down and I can’t get any natural light…and capturing the kitchen color in natural light is SO much better. The lights in the house don’t do it justice at all! I’m thinking I might have to get up earlier or get home earlier when the sun is shining straight into the room. Funny, the things we care about sometimes.

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