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Paint Chip 3D Art (DIY)

In my quest to be obedient to create no matter what fears I may have, I’ve had this inkling of an idea for a while to collect scrap materials from items we use around the house in case they could be used in a craft or art project some day. I’m careful not to turn it into a hoarding problem, though. Just throwing that out there.

Back when I was trying to get a photography business off the ground, one of the products I thought I would offer were custom frames through The Organic Bloom. So I ordered their color sample pack so clients could choose the color frame they wanted.

Then the custom framing didn’t work out but I still had this stack of color sample chips. Their ROY G BIV-ness made me so happy that I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I was determined to make something out of them somehow, someday.

I was cleaning the office and I came across those color samples from long ago. And with some extra wall space, I wanted to make something happen and I was feeling inspired…

custom art_0005

I laid them out in a pattern onto plywood. I drilled holes into them and used roofing nails to hammer them to the wood. The fun thing is that the head of the nail will keep the chip from sliding off. Then I hung it on the wall and randomly arranged each chip’s depth on its nail.

custom art_0004Now it’s like a piece of 3D art!

Old Hannah would think this project was too easy to be worth calling it art. But I’m learning that it’s the obedience and the process of creating that means more than the actual item itself. This little project means more to me from the creation of it, than the actual creation itself.

But I still think it’s fun and happy. A good addition to our office.
custom art_0006


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