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Redheads, this post is for you and your lips. I’m talking lipstick for us gingers. I’ll be honest here. I wasn’t brave enough to wear bold lip colors until about two years ago. There’s something about getting older that made me go, “Screw it. Take a risk. You only live once.” I want to end […]


The last two weeks have been rough. More than rough. Emotionally draining. Grieving. The second I think my heart could take no more, I read yet another devastating headline. I don’t watch the news. I know for my own emotional health, I can’t. I’m equal parts insanely sensitive and fearful. I can’t have it on […]


  • Emily Heizer Photography - When we stop living they win.

    But I get it. Turkey is at the top of my travel list. And I hesitated.

    But when we stop living, their tactics work.

    So no.

    I won’t stop traveling or doing the things I love because then we allow it to affect us.


    Grief comes in ways and effects people in different ways.

    I’ve sobbed for weeks over my cat that passed.

    I barely cried about a family member who also passed this month.

    I like the quote, “Grief is like a warm pillow we can share.” We can lay here in our grief together, and connect over it.

    I don’t write enough about my personal life. I used to. Not so much these days. It hurts too much. Does anyone want to read about 5 or 6 years of pain? Probably not. Or maybe they do.

    Grief is like a warm pillow.ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - \”When we stop living, they win.\” YES! Thank you for sharing your heart. I love that quote, \”Grief is a like a warm pillow\” It\’s adds sweetness to the sadness. I\’m very sorry about your cat. It\’s so hard when our best furry friends pass because they become a part of us and just sit with us in those moments no one else sees but them. I\’m feeling for you. ReplyCancel

  • Cassandra - Thank you for blogging so openly about this. It takes a lot of bravery to open up your thoughts so that other people can read them. Many more people with anxiety, like me, will read this and have a lot of admiration for your honesty.ReplyCancel

A couple of weeks ago I set up some simple lighting in our playroom and recruited Aaron to take a few quick snaps of me. I needed a headshot to put on some business cards to hand out at a conference I was going to. As you can see, the picture turned out fairly decent. Here’s this […]


  • Kristan Kremer - I love that you included the zoomed out shot. Very cool biz cards! You might notice that I just stalked you all over the internet, but I promise I’m not creepy. Just a mom still up and on the computer at 2 AM, and happened to find your stuff. Just wanted to say I love what you’re doing. xoxoReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - I totally get being on the computer at 2am. There many times. Thanks for checking out my internet stuff and for the fist bumps! ReplyCancel

The playroom has been an ever-evolving space since we moved into our house over five years ago. When we were kid-less, it was the room that just stored our extra couch and ancient tube TV. Then, once the kids came home, it all happened so fast that it was just a blank space that housed […]


  • Katelynne - Not going to lie, when I saw the clip before clicking in I squealed “MAKEOVERRRR”.

    Lovely post.ReplyCancel

It’s not a secret that I love NYC. There are a few New York City accounts I like to follow on Instagram. Ones that show great shots of the city from different photographers, historical photos of the city, NYC news, etc… newyork_instagram nytransitmuseum oldvintagenewyork whyilovenewyorkcity nycgo nycurbanism centralparknyc happened_upon nyc.gram centralparknyc Basically, I’m obsessed with […]


I’ve silently and diligently been working on decorating each of the kids’ rooms to make their space extra special to them. It’s a feat, you know. Figuring out how to decorate while still maintaining a level of baby-proofing for adventurous little two year olds. They seriously know how to find and get into the most […]


  • Nike - Thanks for trying this for me! I’ve seen those and thought, “There’s no way that’ll work,” as much as I’ve been tempted to try. Your efforts were not in vain. You’ve saved others from experiencing the same disappointment. 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Macs - I love the idea that you considered to use an old material to the that project. Thank you for the inspiration. Please keep posting.ReplyCancel

Photo By CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons Hey girl hey. I feel like I know you. I bet you get that a lot. But we don’t know each other so maybe I should cut down on the familiar greeting. Something more like… So nice to meet you! Well, not meet […]