The title of this post is not click-bait. I’m literally having brain surgery. I don’t even know where to begin with this. It’s so detailed and elaborate how we’ve come to the point of my name being on a surgery schedule. I just keep thinking how this story is going to be in a book […]


  • Allison Humble - Hannah! Sweet girl! I am sorry you’re having to go through this but so grateful you finally have answers and a solution. I am believing with you that this will work and you will have a speedy recovery. I will absolutely pray for you and the surgeons.
    Habakkuk 3:17-19…so encouraging!

  • Sam Mathis - Just saw your picture on facebook and had to come find out what was going on. Praying for a smooth surgery today and fast recovery.

    As a thought, if this stenosis was a chronic issue, it would explain why you had such a bad reaction to the lumbar puncture. If you were not getting good spinal fluid out to the spinal cord, the fluid they took out from the lumbar puncture would have created a void that would give you the severe headaches because your body didn’t actually refill the area with spinal fluid like it should have.

    Anyways, praying for you, Aaron, your family, and the doctors today.ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Just now catching up on blog comments. That makes sense about the LP! Thank you for the explanation and for the prayers as well. ReplyCancel

  • Robyn - Just found your blog a couple of seconds ago when searching for vday ideas ( found your 52 reasons…)

    Praying for you during this time! you’ll come out so much stronger and better than before.ReplyCancel

My mom, with my twin sisters in the car, picked me up from my house to carpool to the Med Center to see my dad, who is quarantined in the cell and gene therapy unit of the hospital, after having a stem cell transplant. This weeks-long hospital stay fell on Thanksgiving this year, and I […]


I have the easiest DIY for you today! Like, you will be like, “Why haven’t I been doing this all along! It’s so healthy and CHEAP!” Or at least that’s what I was saying. For a long time, I’ve slowly been implementing more wholesome products into our house. Once the news hit that antibacterial soaps would […]


I absolutely love IKEA’s Ivar line. 1) It’s unstained wood so it’s a blank canvas for however you want to design it. 2) You buy the parts a la cart so there’s no formula for how you have to design your system making it totally customizable. 3) It’s affordable. I sound like I’m sponsored by […]


I’ve been incapacitated for over a week. I mean, not even able to contribute to a normal conversation, stuck flat on my back in bed. For a week. BUT I’VE HAD THINGS TO DO. And Jesus was like, “Hey girl. Imma force you to sit with me since you’re so ‘busy.” Sidenote: I’ve been reading Matthew […]


I have a chronic ear issue that I live with day in and out. I hear constant whooshing in my ear. For over a year. It never goes away. It disturbs my daily life and affects my hearing and balance. There’s no name for it and we don’t know a solution or cure. We are still […]


  • Stephanie Click - Praying praying praying for you and yours! Love your heart and your spirit. Hang in there, sister!ReplyCancel

  • Bekah Pogue - Oh my friend. “missing my dad’s hamburgers…” My heart connects to yours and I see you, I hear you. I ache for you. I freaking cheer you on. You have such a gift of reaching down deep and pulling out those God-given emotions, even if they jump from one end of the spectrum to the other. He is using you. He will continue to use you. And your ear. And your mama. And your sweet dad’s cancer, because in suffering is where we find Him holy close and near and carrying us on His daddy shoulders, parading us like a proud papa. And He is so dang proud of you, His daughter. And I am blessed to learn from you as a friend. Sending you a huge hug and bubble bath and ice cream. I’m in this with you. xo, BekahReplyCancel

  • Megan Swanek - Hi there – I came across your blog because I was one of the 42 “Inspiring Infertility Bloggers” that Lisa selected. We have that in common, and the red hair and now I’m reading cancer in the family too. I am so very sorry to hear about your Dad. I lost my Mom to cancer right as we were doing IVF. My heart goes out to you, and I admire your faith.
    Your new reader.ReplyCancel

Redheads, this post is for you and your lips. I’m talking lipstick for us gingers. I’ll be honest here. I wasn’t brave enough to wear bold lip colors until about two years ago. There’s something about getting older that made me go, “Screw it. Take a risk. You only live once.” I want to end […]


The last two weeks have been rough. More than rough. Emotionally draining. Grieving. The second I think my heart could take no more, I read yet another devastating headline. I don’t watch the news. I know for my own emotional health, I can’t. I’m equal parts insanely sensitive and fearful. I can’t have it on […]


  • Emily Heizer Photography - When we stop living they win.

    But I get it. Turkey is at the top of my travel list. And I hesitated.

    But when we stop living, their tactics work.

    So no.

    I won’t stop traveling or doing the things I love because then we allow it to affect us.


    Grief comes in ways and effects people in different ways.

    I’ve sobbed for weeks over my cat that passed.

    I barely cried about a family member who also passed this month.

    I like the quote, “Grief is like a warm pillow we can share.” We can lay here in our grief together, and connect over it.

    I don’t write enough about my personal life. I used to. Not so much these days. It hurts too much. Does anyone want to read about 5 or 6 years of pain? Probably not. Or maybe they do.

    Grief is like a warm pillow.ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - \”When we stop living, they win.\” YES! Thank you for sharing your heart. I love that quote, \”Grief is a like a warm pillow\” It\’s adds sweetness to the sadness. I\’m very sorry about your cat. It\’s so hard when our best furry friends pass because they become a part of us and just sit with us in those moments no one else sees but them. I\’m feeling for you. ReplyCancel

  • Cassandra - Thank you for blogging so openly about this. It takes a lot of bravery to open up your thoughts so that other people can read them. Many more people with anxiety, like me, will read this and have a lot of admiration for your honesty.ReplyCancel