Our First House…PICTURES!

The other day Aaron randomly busted out with this comment: “You’re doing the world a disservice, you know?”

“How so, honey?”

He informed me that he has been telling all these people to check out my blog in order to stay updated with what’s going on in our lives. And apparently they all want to see pictures of the house and I’m leaving them hanging by not posting pictures. Well, I thought I was just blogging for my own sake and for the two people who actually read this (my husband and my dog). But now that I know that a few people are actually reading what I put on my little space on the web, I’ll share a little bit more. (By the way, if you’re out there reading don’t be shy. Leave me a little comment and say hi! And if you’re reeeeeally interested, you can subscribe and get my posts right in your inbox.)

*Drumroll* And for those of you who have been patiently waiting for pictures….I took these pictures the day we closed after we were able to pick up our keys. It was a great feeling walking into that house as its owner.

I have pictures of all the bedrooms but I didn’t post them because they’re just boring with nothing in them. Plus, the pictures don’t do it justice because 18mm is the widest I could get…meaning it’s really only a picture of the corner of a room. Note, if anyone is feeling generous this Christmas and would love to see great pictures of our bedrooms I have a nice little Nikon 10-24mm lens on my Christmas list. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here we go….

Here’s the front. I debated about putting this up just for privacy reasons but this seems to be what everyone wants to see. So I did a little photoshopping.

Our lovely landscaping. I, personally, like the rocks. Could get nasty come hurricane season but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Come on in!

Here’s the view when you walk in the door. The living room is to the right and that’s the kitchen over there.

Our living room. I love the symmetrical windows.

Power pose…or smelling the pits?

I really like the slanted wall where the stairs are.

The guest bathroom is under the stairs, pretty much in the living room. Don’t worry. If you have more serious business you can go upstairs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And this is a crazy idea but I’d love to do the bottom half in white beadboard and paint the top half black chalkboard with chalk designs. Crazy because it’s such a small space to paint black but I’m nuts like that.

Our lovely kitchen with black appliances…which I LOVE! Also, the entire kitchen is now THIS color.

The fridge is in now (also black) and it’s against that wall to the right.

Breakfast/dining room. The living room is also supposed to include a formal dining room and this is the breakfast room. But we decided to do away with the formal dining room idea and use that space for living. This is now our only dining space which is plenty.

I would have a totally different opinion of this house if the kitchen didn’t open up into the living room like this. I like the rooms to flow so they are all a part of the same action.

Our master bedroom. Again, not a very good picture but gives some idea.

Our master bath. Thank the Lord for natural light…even in a bathroom. I would have windows everywhere if I were a builder.

And here’s what I like to point out to everyone because I think it’s funny; you have to pass the toilet to get to the closet. “Excuse me honey. Watch your knees. I need to get dressed.” Cracks me up. And Aaron thinks it’s funny that it cracks me up.

From the top of the stairs.

This is the game room and you can also see the laundry room. The laundry room upstairs will be so nice once we have little beans. And I’m seeing a yellow/white laundry room.

Upstairs full bath. No vision for this one yet, but it’ll get here.

Future Bunker Bean’s room. Almost as big as the master. Can’t wait for the day we get to decorate this one!

I also posted a few pics of this room here.

And here’s our backyard. Not much now but over the years we’ll make it pretty fantastic.

Well, there ya go folks. The only rooms you didn’t see were our office and our guest room. My brain is swarmed with decorating ideas and even though whenever I suggest some ideas Aaron’s eyes get big like, “How much is THAT going to cost?” he really is very excited too. I gave ideas for our eventual living room layout and it makes me so happy and proud when I hear him tell people, “Hannah came up with a really great idea for the living room….” then he proceeds to tell or show them. He’s told me he trusts me and that I have great taste which really gives me a confidence boost because sometimes I feel like my decorating ideas are really far fetched…especially when I explain them to other people and I get a wrinkled eyebrow that says, “Really? You want to do that?” I know with Aaron he’ll just say, “Show me. Let’s go.” Thanks honey, for going on this adventure with me and for believe in this creative-striving noggin.

Hope you guys enjoyed the little home tour. Keep a look out for all the updates we’ll be making. Believe me, there’s going to be a lot! As Momma B says, “Watch out! It’s project time for Hannah, the Project Queen!”

Newly-painted kitchen pictures are coming soon, I promise!

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