Our first family trip to the beach

For a few months now, we’ve talked about taking the kids to Galveston for their first beach trip. They’re finally at a point in their development where we thought they (and us) would enjoy the experience without constantly having to keep them from eating sand. Since we only live 40 miles from Galveston, the beach is right at our back door. So we packed up the car one afternoon this week for a semi-spontaneous trip to the beach!

I didn’t expect them to really think much of the waves. I wore my swimsuit just in case we were to get in, but I didn’t think we would. I can’t remember the last time I took a dip in the Galveston waters! Well, they proved me wrong. As soon as the first wave hit, they were sold and wanted to walk out even further. Especially Gracie. She was all about walking as far as she could out into the ocean. We had to keep a good eye and firm grip on her! At one point she laid on her back on the beach and just let the waves come crashing all around her. She was in heaven! Cason was more interested in exploring the beach and all of our neighbor’s yummy-smelling barbecue and games. Once we led him to the waves and let him sit in our laps while we played with the sand, he was content.


These next two shots, the kids’ faces are a little out of focus but I just love them so much, I’m just glad I have the moments captured – Gracie playing so independently in the water and Cason making mudpies with his daddy.


We packed dinner for the kids and they ate trunk-picnic style before we hit the road on a 45 minute drive home. Grace was so mad about leaving she didn’t stop crying for a good 30 minutes in the car. She is definitely a beach babe!

galveston-9galveston-10galveston-11We’re looking forward to many more beach trips in the future!

Photography tip: We got to the beach around 3:30. I didn’t capture their immediate reactions to the water because I wanted to be present in the moment. However, I did want to get some photos from their first trip so I waited until they were more used to the water and the sun was lower to pull out my camera. When the sun is too high in the sky, it casts a lot of shadows and you end up with a lot of under/over-exposed areas of your photos. If you want to try and get some great photos on the beach, right before sunset is the best time. We’re the type that can only do the beach for a few hours and then we’re done so the late afternoon/evening was perfect for us and perfect lighting for photos.  Plus, the sunset on the beach is something beautiful!

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