Our Family Rules Sign DIY Project

BEHOLD! The latest home project in the Bunker household! Our friends, the Nyholts, made one for their family recently and after seeing theirs hanging on the wall in their house I was inspired to start thinking about making one for our house. Aaron loved the idea so we casually chatted about it a few times. Then Sunday morning we were driving home from church and were two minutes from a Home Depot and I go, “Hey, want to stop by Home Depot to see how much wood costs so I can make a sign like Adam and Kacie’s?” Always reluctant when I suggest spending money on a project, he surprised me by quickly saying, “Sure.”

That’s how fast this decision was made to make this sign. We picked up 6 – 6′, 3.5″x1″ (I think) pieces of wood for $12, a can of gray stain for $5, and some hardware to hang up the darn thing, and we were out of there with no more than a $25 bill! El cheapo decor is always a favorite for us, and I set to work making that wood look fabulous!

I cut each 6′ piece in half giving me 12 – 3′ pieces, 2 of them vertical in the back to screw the other 10 horizontal front pieces into.

Then I sanded the edges, stained each piece with Minwax stain in Classic Gray, let it soak for 8 hours, then sealed in with a coat of polycrylic. While I waited for all of that to dry Aaron and I collaborated on the rules we wanted on the sign.

Once the polycrylic was dry, I laid out the 10 slats of wood horizontally across the two vertical pieces (like the pic on the left) and screwed them in haphazardly. I didn’t pay attention to anything being even…I wanted a thrown-together look to make it rustic-y.

To avoid the heat in the garage, I moved everything inside where I started painting the rules with stencils and white eggshell paint I had laying around.

If you look at the picture on the right under here you’ll see that it says, “We tell truths.” It was supposed to say, “We tell THE truth” but I got to the end of “tell” and realized that I wouldn’t have room for everything so I shortened it to “We tell truths.” I sent a picture to Aaron and he quickly vetoed that which I’m glad he did because I had a gut feeling that it looked funky…no matter how bad I didn’t want to fix it. So I got the leaf blower (seriously) and blew it on the wet paint to make sure it was all dry. Then I took it back out to the garage, sanded off “We tell truths,” restained, re-polyed, and used my trusty leaf-blower to speed up the drying process. You may be laughing but ten minutes later I was back to painting “We are honest” and was much MUCH happier.

And now we have a lovely piece of sentimental art at the center of our living room so that every time we see it serves as a reminder of how we would like to live our lives.

  • Aaron Bunker - Wonderful job as always my sweet, amazing, and beautiful wife! ReplyCancel

  • Aaron Bunker - Wonderful job as always my sweet, beautiful, and amazing wife! ReplyCancel

  • Sarah M - Love it! And I love the color of your walls, could you share the paint color with me? ReplyCancel

    • Hannah - Hi Sarah! The paint color is Valspar, Bay Waves. Pretty much our whole house is painted that color; it's such a great neutral! ReplyCancel

  • Lesli westfall - Lovely! Great job! ReplyCancel

  • Hannah C. - Love this! Might have to make one for our family. Just need to think of a place to put it… :) ReplyCancel

  • Kyla - That is VERY cool! ReplyCancel

  • Krystin - Hannah! This looks great! It's such a wonderful piece to display in your home!

    xo Krystin ReplyCancel

  • Maddy - I love this, Hannah! Pinning it right this instant :) ReplyCancel

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