Their “Official” Newborn Photos

There are so many blog posts on my mind right now that I’m trying to get out of me in the short bursts of time that I’ve had since our lives changed last week. There’s so many things on my heart yet so many things grabbing at my attention right now. In the incredibly short amount of time that I have been a parent, I’ve realized that I have to show grace and know that the most important thing in this season is soaking up those babies, giving them love, and bonding with them. Other things can wait right now – I’ve got babies to sniff, baby feet to kiss, snuggles to take (oh, and bottles to wash and diapers to change and babies to burp…).

One thing that has always been a top priority for me when we were to have kids, is taking their newborn photos. We could have hired a photographer, but I’ve always been ambitious and figured I could do it myself…

And then I became the mom to two newborns with bottles to wash and diapers to change and babies to burp and clothes to wash and…

…with zero energy for “official” newborn photos to take myself.

So I settled on dropping the “official” and being content with the normal everyday photos I’ve been trying to take to capture this time of their childhood.

But lo and behold, a rush of energy wafted over me yesterday and it was timed perfectly right after feeding, during awake time, and hopefully exhausting them on into nap time. So I grabbed a few props, opened the window shades, and I took me some photos of some cute babies!

And now I have “official” photos to print and put on the walls! Hallelujah, all my dreams are coming true!

WARNING: The cuteness might be an overload…






  • Thoroughly Modern Mommy - Lily: Aaaaaawe! Look at those babies! I used to be that small!

    Me: And you know what else you have in common with those babies? They were in another lady's belly before the went to their Mommy and Daddy! They're adopted!

    Lily: Like me!!!!

    Soak it up, indeed, I kept Lily home from preschool today. Because I felt like it. And when she goes to kindergarten next year (eek!) they frown on that sort of thing, Five years is not very long for them to be home all day! ReplyCancel

  • Diana - Precious! My husband was ambitious like you and also said he'd just do our twins newborn photos himself. Well yeah once babies were here it was a different story! We were both exhausted, and hesitant to disturb the twins naps. I wish we'd just hired someone! We managed to get a few good shots for the memory book though. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - It's so cute how they're both raising their eyebrows in the pictures. And you're right. Cute OVERLOAD! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Urban Wife - So adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Alisha - these pictures are soo cute!ReplyCancel

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