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New York City Subway Sign DIY

It’s not a secret that I love NYC. There are a few New York City accounts I like to follow on Instagram. Ones that show great shots of the city from different photographers, historical photos of the city, NYC news, etc…


Basically, I’m obsessed with New York City. I follow more things about NYC than I do of my own Houston. ha!

I was browsing through Instagram and through one of these accounts I found this Etsy shop that sells replicas of NYC subway signs…

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.05.40 PM

Aaron and I took a special trip to NYC last year with a group from our Bible study and it was a life-changing trip for us. Aaron’s birthday is coming up next month and I wanted to get him something special. I’m not very good at giving thoughtful gifts but as soon as I saw this subway sign, I knew that would be a great, sentimental gift for him! We spent an afternoon in Jackson Heights and it was truly special to us.

But dang, the $50 price tag was too much. I’m sure it’s totally worth it and that SidewaySigns would do a great job. But I needed to figure out a cheaper way to make this happen.

I set out on a DIY…

First I copied the design of the sign and made my own in photoshop. I even looked up this really interesting article about the history of fonts used by the NYC MTA because I wanted to make sure I used the correct font. #nerd

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.07.23 PM

I printed it out on cardstock. Side note: I also printed it out on photo paper but Modpodge stained the ink purple. So card stock worked best.

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0000
ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0001

I had some extra plywood laying around. I marked my cut lines and cut.

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0002

Then sanded down the edges.

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0003

I used my jigsaw since my circular saw isn’t working at the moment. I tried my best to keep a straight line on my cut, but we’ll just call this perfectly imperfect.

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0004ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0005ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0006

Tip: Don’t over-brush on the Modpodge because it will “melt” the ink and spread it around. Just run your brush over once, allow to dry, then go for a few more coats if you need to.

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0007

You can add D-rings or sawtooth hangers to the back of the wood to hang.

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0008

And now we have this little sentimental piece of art hanging on our gallery wall in our living room!

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0009

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait until the end of April to give it to Aaron for his birthday! So I went ahead and hung it up for us to enjoy.

ny-jackson heights-subway-DIY_0010

Having these little pieces of art in our home that are 1) sentimental and 2) that I made myself just make my heart so stinking happy!

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