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My trip to New York City, 2012

Here’s the photos from my New York trip! Finally, after a month.

I’m going to try and keep this post light in words because it’s ridiculously heavy in pictures. There’s two parts to this post; The first are my Instagram photos and the second half are the photos from the big, fancy camera.

L: My very, very kind and generous friend, Larry, let me borrow his Canon 5D, 24-70, and 70-200 to take with me on my trip. I had wanted to rent a 24-70 lens and he was willing to let me borrow his but I shoot with Nikon. So he let me take the whole package. Since I’m a Nikon shooter I pulled out the manual and practiced with the Canon before I left.
R: All packed.

L: Day 1, up early to catch my flight.
R: Departures from Houston.

L: Breakfast at the airport in Houston before my 6:30 flight.
R: Arriving at JFK baggage claim.

L: 30 Rockefeller Center.
R: Looking up at 30 Rock. My hotel and the Blogher conference were close to the same area as Rockefeller Plaza. So that’s where I spent a lot of my time. Plus, it’s my favorite part of the city.

L: Atlas.
R: St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

L: Inside St. Patrick’s.
R: Jacques Torres chocolate shop in Rockefeller Plaza. I wanted to go to the Brooklyn shop too, but never made it. Picked up some Wicked Hot Chocolate.

L: Found a pretty good coffee shop.
R: Empire State Bldg on one of my treks.

L: Hoofing it to Brodway for a show. My sweet husband bought me tickets weeks before my trip to see End of the Rainbow because he knew how bad I wanted to see it.
R: End of the Rainbow on Broadway. A show about Judy Garland and absolutely amazing!

L: I broke the rules and took a photo of the set because it was so pretty!
R: Day 2, morning market in Rockefeller Plaza.

L: Glad I brought my umbrella on Wednesday because it rained all day. The one day I reserved for nothing but exploring…it had to go and rain.
R: My favorite thing to do in NYC. I’ve done it every time, the three times I’ve been.

L: Had lunch here with my cousins who were in town at the same time I was.
R: H&M stop where I picked up this cute blazer. I call it my “Liz Lemon jacket.”

L: All I hear is the theme song. “Doobie doo doobie doot doo doo.”
R: Went on a long walk, headed south, and walked through Times Square.

L: Why did I walk 30 blocks south? Because I’m devoted to drinking good coffee and wanted to get some from Stumptown. And walking is just a fun way to take everything in. Plus, when you walk around town you run into Seth Green. Yeah, I totally saw him and we said hi.
R: I didn’t have a card reader or my laptop to share the pics I took so I took instagram pics of the LCD screen to show my friend Larry the pics I was getting with the camera he let me borrow.

L: Another pic from my walk that day.
R: Biofreeze felt so nice on my aching body. Walking everywhere really did a number on me.

L: Day 3, the Blogher conference started.
R: The smaller, more intimate Pathfinder Day. That’s the pre-conference workshop I attended with only 30 people in my track, “Your blog as a life-changer.” Loved being in a smaller group compared to the full conference because that’s where you could get to know people better. And I did; I met this gal and we ended up being conference buds (and now we’re blog AND real-life buds)!

L: We drew maps of our lives and blog journeys in my Pathfinder group. What a fun exercise! It was a visual to show where we’ve been in our past to where we are now.
R: Bless you, Blogher, for giving this southern girl a Dr. Pepper in a city where it’s hard to get one in a restaurant.

L: Pathfinder group – the question we were asked before breaking for lunch.
R: That night was HOPE group back at home in Houston. I sent this to the girls to say Hi from NY and let them know I missed being there.

L: All the swag I picked up my first day at Blogher.
R: Day 4, Martha Stewart was the keynote speaker during lunch. That lady is funn-nny!

L: One of the best panels I attended at the conference, “How to pitch to the media.” VERY educational!
R: Friday night I hung out with Kimberly and we went to see Jim Parsons, in Harvey. They’re old buds so after the show we were able to go backstage for a few minutes to say hi. It was fun meeting a fellow UH theatre grad who made it big time…we had something in common which was fun to chat about. Afterward, Kimberly and I went to this awesome empanada restaurant and had some really great conversation and girl time! I loved hanging out with her!! It was 1am by the time I headed back to my hotel and had to walk from 10th Ave. all the way across the island to 2nd Ave. Don’t tell my grandmother that I walked across New York City at 1am. She’ll freak. But because I know she reads this…Granny, don’t worry. There were people all around and I had my mace ready to go. Love you!

L: Day 5, Katie Couric was the keynote speaker for Saturday’s lunch. I loved hearing her speak…her and Martha Stewart both exceeded my expectations.
R: Taking a moment while everyone was finishing lunch to sit in the hallway for a few moments of silence. I had been around so much noise pollution that it felt nice to be in quiet.

L: …and because quiet time is always better with coffee…
R: Here’s my new bud Kasey. We bonded during Pathfinder day over our matching Jo Totes bags and we were inseparable the whole conference.

L: Yes, that’s the same photo. I have it here twice.
R: Saturday night after the conference Kasey and I attended one of the parties. I never expected to attend any parties because I’m not a socializer. But because I had a friend, we decided to go and have fun. Funny story: I went to grab us drinks and I picked them up off the table and the waiter (who did not speak English) TOOK them out of my hands and says, “No. Ticket?” I thought it was just pink lemonade but nope, it was a happy pink lemonade. Instead of fighting him I say, “Well then, can I just have water?” He just stared and I said, “Agua?” and he snapped to it. When I told Kasey about what happened she told me that we were supposed to get like eight drink tickets when we checked in at the conference. I guess they must have thought I was under 21 because I didn’t get any. Oh well. Thanks, Kasey for lending me one so I could have a “pink lemonade!”

L: Photobooth fun!
R: More photo booth fun. “What happens at Blogher, stays on the internet.”

L: That night I went up to the roof top terrace of my hotel and got some fun night shots of the city.
R: Day 6, my final day in NYC I took a cab 20 blocks to meet some friends for brunch at the Tick Tock Diner. It was very close to the Empire State Building.

L: My friends, Tracy and Amanda. I’ve met these girls SIX years ago online and this was the first time we met! It felt like hanging out with old friends! So awesome. That’s the way the world is these days; people meet on the internet and become friends. But you have this picture in your head about how they will look and sound in real life. I was standing outside the diner waiting for them and when they walked up they said enthusiastically, “HANNAH FROM TEXAS! Say something! Say ‘yawl!” It made me laugh because when I let out my first sentence with no trace of a southern accent, they were like “Aaah! We were wondering what you sounded like! If you had a southern accent!” Nope. haha! But it was fun hearing them for the first time because they had a hint of a New York/Jersey accent. I loved it! For days after hanging with them I kept saying “cawfee.” hahaha! These gals were so much fun and so awesome!
R: People watching in Bryant Park where they have a whole area for board games. I would spend some time here with friends playing games if I lived in NY.

L: My flight didn’t leave until 9pm that night so I spent a lot of time in Dean and Deluca near Rockefeller plaza working on my notes for the writers group I would be leading that week. You can read those notes here.
R: On the shuttle to the airport we had to drive through Queens and we passed Silvercup Studios. This is significant because this is where 30 Rock is filmed. And I know this because I am a giant NERD.

L: This was supposed to be my boarding time for my flight back. But there were storms in the area…
R: And my flight got delayed until midnight, turning my 6 day trip into a 7 day trip.

Okay, so I lied when I said I would be sparse with words. But I had to explain my Instagrams!

The rest of these photos are from the Canon 5D that I took while I was out walking and exploring. From now on I promise the words will be light. Really.

Love these in black and white!

Look at this car! I’m still trying to figure out if this is on purpose or if someone was one break pump away from a stunt man trick.

Herald Square. I kept singing *Remember me to Herald Square*…James Cagney, anyone? Meh, you young’uns probably don’t get that reference.

Bryant Park at dusk.

42nd and 6th.

The sunset was gorgeous!

Too. Many. People.

Probably my favorite in black and white.

I don’t know which I like better, color or b&w.

From the rooftop of my hotel.

I was going for psychedelic in this photo.

This photo makes me think of the chimney sweepers dance in Mary Poppins.

This is the hotel I stayed at. It was great!

It was tiny, but that’s all the space I needed. And there were 4 shared bathrooms on a floor for all the twin bed rooms like mine. The shared bathrooms were very clean and I never had an issue getting in one when I needed to. There were vacant/occupied lights in your room that told you which bathrooms were available. It was a great hotel!

Waving “Hi” from my “bathroom” sink in the hotel room.

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  • Lauren Michelle Tayl - I sing "remember me to herald's square" when I see it in NYC, too! Well, the whole two times I've been. Loved the pictures! ReplyCancel

  • Anna - Wow, looks like an amazing and full trip! I've never been to NYC, and if/when I go I feel like I'll be overwhelmed with options of things to see and do! It's weird that Dr. Pepper is hard to find, but now that I think about it maybe restaurants here in IL don't usually have it either. But it's always in vending machines. The life map activity looks really fun, I kind of want to do that but without the group aspect it probably loses the point haha. ReplyCancel

  • Urban Wife - This really makes me want to visit NYC! Great photos. ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Bunker - Yay! I'm so glad you got my reference Lauren Michelle Taylor! I like to sing it in my James Cagney voice. 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Mary Harrist - Fantastic photos, Hannah! ReplyCancel

  • Janet - Great pics!!! I'm following several others who attended Blog her and YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS love the hair cut! ReplyCancel

  • Kyla - Looks like you made the most of your time!! Glad you enjoyed yourself! ReplyCancel

  • Kasey - I'm glad we became real life buds too. And some of your pictures are truly spectacular. ReplyCancel

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