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My Everyday Style – Vol.1


For the longest time I had my eye on a pair of Swedish Hasbeen clogs. There was something adorable, retro, and versatile about them but it takes a lot of convincing for me to spend $200 on a pair of shoes. So I did a ton of research reading a bagillion reviews – because I’m hyper-vigilent like that – and when I finally came into some spending money after my birthday last year, I carefully chose the style I wanted and pulled the trigger on my sweet Hasbeens. And because it was an investment, I expect these shoes to be handed down for generations – much like hand-polished silver or heirloom china.

These shoes are my favorite in my closet! They’re cute and can easily be dressed up or down. Because I chose a neutral, they’re versatile and go with practically everything…including this mustard top I picked up at H&M this weekend. It’s a lightweight sweater that might even work during the summer. Especially since it doesn’t┬átouch my armpits and can hide my pit sweat easily. That’s a qualification that must be checked off the list before I purchase a top. My pits must be able to sweat freely without my shirt giving me away.


DSC_0005-EditDSC_0009DSC_0994Shirt :: H&M
Jeans :: Old Navy
Shoes :: Swedish Hasbeens
Necklace :: Raven + Lily custom made from IF:Gathering 2015

  • Kasey - I love this outfit! ReplyCancel

  • Bre - 90% of my clothes are gray or blue. Now I’m tempted to go to H&M and get this top…in white. Lol

    Love this post!ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Ha! I\’m the same way with black and white stripes. I have about 12 tops that have black and white stripes. It\’s a sickness. ReplyCancel

  • Karen Jacot - These are so cute!ReplyCancel

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