Lush Skin Care Review

I’m on a personal crusade to find the perfect skin care routine for my skin. Recently I’ve been having some serious breakouts and I know a majority of that is hormonal but I also have very oily skin that’s prone to redness and cystic acne. Is there something out there for anti-aging AND acne control? I’m on both ends of the spectrum. Thankfully my acne is manageable without the help of a prescription but I’m really looking for that holy grail of skin care that will have me singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Recently my granny came to visit and took my sisters and I on a shopping trip. We stopped at Lush to browse around and she was sweet to help me purchase a few products to get my face under control. I’ve heard a few people rave about their all-natural products and I was curious. While I was waiting on my sister the sales girl grabbed my attention by telling me of this particular face wash that was made out of charcoal. What?! I know it’s good for absorbing oil but a black face wash…on your face? It was too weird NOT to try.

Once she sold me on the face wash she kept going with the entire skin care line for my type of skin. I’m usually a hard sell but this girl was good! “Princess Diana used this stuff? I’ll take it!” Here’s the swag I took away from Lush:

Product: Dark Angels.
Type: Face wash

Pros: I felt like it really helped control my oily skin…at least for a few hours after I used it. Exfoliates really well.
Cons: It’s really messy. Black soot gets everywhere when you’re washing your face at the sink. It stinks. Several times I found black residue on my face even after I rinsed it off several times.
Verdict: Not a fan. I won’t use it on my face any more because I feel like the black gets stuck in my pores. But for $13 it’ll make a nice foot scrub rather than just winding up in the trash.

Product: Catastrophe Cosmetic
Type: Face mask

Pros: Smells SO good! You keep it in the fridge so when you spread it on your face, it’s cool. Leaves your skin feeling smooth after you wash it off. Helps reduce redness and control oil. It’s only $6.
Cons: None really.
Verdict: This mask and its $6 price tag would be the reason I would go back to Lush.

Product: Tea Tree Water
Type: Toner
Pros: Leave you feeling refreshed. Paired with my Loreal collagen moisturizer, I feel like it does wonders for my face making it smooth and balanced. Those two combined create a non-oily primer for my skin before makeup and a refreshing mask at night. And it’s all-natural.
Cons: On its own, without it paired with a moisturizer, I don’t really notice a difference in my skin. It hasn’t helped prevent breakouts as far as I’ve noticed.
Verdict: I would be apt to buying a refill once I run out but the $20 price tag may dissuade me. I’ll continue to monitor my breakouts to see if using it for a while will help. If not, I don’t want to spend another $20 just to feel “refreshed.”

Product: Gorgeous
Type: Moisturizer

Pros: Makes my skin feel silky smooth without being oily. This was made for Princess Diana! I love this moisturizer!
Cons: It costs $90!! NINETY DOLLARS! That’s why I only have a sample…because I told her I wasn’t going to pay $90 for moisturizer and she gave me a sample to try and change my mind.
Verdict: Even though I love it, unless I’m making it rain, I will never spend $90 on a moisturizer. If it came in a gallon jug, then MAYBE we can talk.

Overall Verdict: I guess I can’t complain since I came out looking like this….

Okay, fine. That’s not me. Yeah, that’s Debra Messing. (Image via Allure, 2002)

But seriously, if I could use something and look like that, I’d pay $90. Oh wait, I already did…it’s called Photoshop! Bahaha!

I doubt I’ll find that certain product for me at Lush. And for how expensive it is, I’m not going to keep experimenting.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review. These opinions are strictly my own.

  • Maddy - $90!! That's nuts! I love my Oil of Olay and it only costs $6. But I hear you on the breakouts…I'm having the same issues! I feel like a teen again :o/ ReplyCancel

  • Betsy - Found your site from the Under the Sycamore blog and read about your search for a skin care product. Your search sounds a bit like mine (I was hoping Lush would be my miracle…). Finally went to a Naturopath and the diet she has me on (an elimination diet) is working wonders. I think I've found my miracle. Anyway, I know how terribly frustrating skin can be and I'd love to share what has been working for me if you are interested! Just shoot me an email. ReplyCancel

  • Katie - Hi there – just found your blog through Under the Sycamore. I'm a huge Lush fan – I also have a hard time with breakouts for hormonal reasons. The only facial moisturizer I can use is Cosmetic Lad – it doesn't make my face red, and it isn't greasy. I actually just bought a new container of it on Sunday. I've been using 9 to 5 as a facial cleanser, and it works really well when I remember to use it : ) Hope this helps! ReplyCancel

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