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Lose our fear of being wrong


How many times has fear stood in our way of going rogue? Keeping you from going after the things that fuel your heart…

Starting that band? Running for senator? Being in a relationship? Starting a business? Defining your own personal style? Writing a blog?

Where does the fear come from? Is it because you’re worried about what people think of you? Is it because it’s a huge investment of time/energy/money and you’re afraid of putting all of your effort into something that won’t work? Is it a physical fear? Is it because it requires you to put your heart on the line?

Is it because you’re afraid of being wrong? 

Sidenote: I’m asking a lot of questions, eh? <—*smirk* that’s a question.

I love the attitude of the pure creative mind. I think of an artist who sees a vision in their mind and puts aside a standard way of creating in order to make what is in his imagination. Almost like a bird who hunts for scraps of whatever it can find to make its home. This artist borrows resources outside of the norm to create his vision.

And I’m not just talking about art. You might not be the creative type. But in all types, there’s a place of fear that’s keeping us from going after our rogue potential.

Think of the things in your life where you would go rogue if fear weren’t an option. Now think of what you’re afraid of. Is it because you think there is only a certain way to do things?

Let’s challenge ourselves; let’s think outside of the box to find a new way to create – in the big things and the little things. Let’s not be afraid to be wrong. Because it’s in the process that we build our rogue.

Let’s not be afraid to be wrong. But rather, pick up the next piece and keep moving.


  • Aaron - thanks for the reminder. We can’t let fear overtake our own rogue potential! ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Paoletta (@breathoffaith) - If we counted up all of the things we didn’t do because of fear…that would be scary! Great topic and post. Your whole blog layout is such a great reflector of the message you are communicating! Have an awesome 31 Days! ReplyCancel

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