Like seasons of the year, so are the seasons of life.

Having this blog has blessed me with so many opportunities to share my heart, my creativity, mine and my husband’s story, and to meet wonderful people. However, sometimes I feel as if I’m writing into a black hole. I don’t always have a specific person or group in mind when I write; it’s more about putting it out there and hoping what I have to say moves someone out there.

But this post is being written for a specific group of people; this post is for the amazing group of people that have been our church family for the past 7 years.

I’m writing this because Aaron and I are finding ourselves in a new season of our lives and have committed ourselves to attending a different church. We’ve shared details with only a few of you but because we know that questions have been asked, I wanted to take this opportunity to address those questions. As our church family and friends we want to be open and personally share our hearts with you (and well, the rest of the interwebs, I guess).

First, and absolutely foremost, we are NOT leaving on bad terms. We have been so incredibly blessed and fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful church that has a heart for people and a mission to reach out to the community. This church and everyone there truly has been the hands and feet of Christ, reaching out to a lost world and showing them the unconditional love of Jesus. We’ve been so fortunate to have been led under two pastors who truly show the love of Christ to their congregation and to their community. These are two leaders that no matter what, we could completely trust their hearts and their integrity. The church has been a big part of us and we love the people and the pastors very dearly.

It’s hard changing churches because there always seems to be a connotation that there was something bad that happened, that it was a negative exit. That is not the case for us. Our hearts are so incredibly pure in this situation. We’ve started thinking of it in terms of us being a ministry. If you think of it in terms of pastors having a ministry, they don’t always leave churches on bad terms. They leave because they feel called elsewhere. And we understand that reasoning for pastors; but really, it’s the same for everyone whether or not they are on a church staff. The way we see it is while we might not be on a church staff, we still feel like as both a couple and individuals that we have a ministry and in our spirits we feel like our ministries are being directed to the people of this new church.

For almost a year I’ve been involved in a ministry that is very near to my heart at another church . That opened a door and over the last year pieces of the puzzle just began to fall into place that made Aaron and I on separate occasions feel in our spirits that this particular church is where we are being led, and as a family we have prayed and sought after guidance, asking if this was where we were supposed to be. It’s a scary feeling, making this huge decision based on a “feeling” but really, it’s more than a feeling; it’s a call, something in your spirit that is saying, “GO.”

Quite a few times in our lives we have referenced something that our pastor has said in his sermons before, “Just take the next logical step by faith.” After much prayer and seeking, lots of visiting, and getting our feet wet at the new church we feel peace in our hearts and in our spirits that this is the next logical step in faith for us to attend this new church. We’ve taken the first step. We felt the “GO” and we went.

We want you to know that we did not take this decision lightly. While this was a difficult decision because we dearly love you as a church, the community of people, as well as the pastors and staff and believe in the mission of the church; in the same breath it was a very easy decision because we know in our hearts and in our spirits that this new place is where we are supposed to be at this point in our lives. We’re excited. We’ve been so blessed to be a part of great ministries for the past 7 years and we are fortunate that we are moving from one great place to another.

So this is a new season. Just like Ecclesiastes says, “There’s a season for everything in life.” We are so fortunate to have attended our church of 7 years, made valuable friendships, and grown in the Lord. It will continue to have a special place in our hearts but we are very excited for this new season and what it brings.

(FYI, we still plan on attending United. We love that group, each couple, and are excited to see where God is taking our marriages!…and Nycol threatened us if we left. lol Just kidding. We love United and are excited to be a part of that group!)


  • Nycol Mealer - Wow! I loved this:). Although we are going to miss you greatly @ CT, we are so excited about what God is doing in you & through you! You both are extremely gifted & and have a special destiny to reach. Thank you for your friendship & the love you show us:). I'm just glad we will still see you guys every other friday night! Love you bunches! ReplyCancel

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