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Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts for the Procrastinator

I am one of those people. The kind of person who waits until the last minute to do anything. I try my best, but I’ve come to accept and love this about myself because it’s just a part of who I am. I even like making it a little game called “How fast can I pull something awesome together at the latest moment possible?” You should play it sometime; It’s thrilling…

Or terrifying. Whichever.

Tip: Sunday is Valentines Day. The commercial holiday where stores tell you that the only way to show true love is by buying a person cheap chocolates, a stuffed animal that will end up being the dog’s chew toy, and flowers that will die within two days.

I’m so sentimental, can’t you tell.

When I gift, I gift from the heart (at the last minute lol). So I prefer to DIY my¬†gifts to prove my love. And today to help you out, fellow procrastinator, I’m sharing a few last minute DIY Valentines gifts.

last minute valentines ideas

1. 52 Reasons I Love You


Buy a deck of cards and write 52 reasons you love your special someone. If you can’t come up with 52 reasons…well…I can’t help you DIY that part.

2. Homemade Boxed Brownies

Sometimes some home cooking is the way to your person’s heart.

3. Write a vision letter.

This one is very special. No, really. No jokes. It’ll be something special for your spouse to receive. And all you have to do is write them a letter. This is a procrastinator’s dream gift to give.

4. Rubber Stamp Card


Have any erasers laying around? Paint? A sharp tool? Paper? Then you can do this. It’s easy. Make it happen.

5. Buy a digital card from an Etsy store and print it out yourself.

If you’re not into making your own cards from scratch, you could…oh…I don’t know…buy it from an artist on Etsy. Maybe the same Etsy shop that made these cute, instantly downloadable cards:

YouYou’re My Lobster card found here.

I heart you 5x5 card

I Heart You card found here.

Beat It Card 5x5

Beat It card found here.

You pay a few bucks and you’re able to instantly download the design in a pdf, print it out, and sign your name. Easy peasy. Man, whoever made those cards sure did have the procrastinator in mind. *winkedy wink wink wink*

So there’s a few last minute ideas for your valentine that you can make (or buy). And they’ll never even know that you procrastinated. They’ll just think you’re really sentimental and sweet.

You’re welcome.

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