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Kitchen Progress, Round 1

I’ve had some people ask to see pics of the progress we’ve made on our house since we’ve moved in. I posted the half-bath makeover last week. Now, for the ladies at work who have been asking, I’m posting  some pictures of our kitchen. It’s still not exactly where I want it to be but it’s getting there…just takes time.

Here’s a before of the dining/breakfast room. Note the plastic pendant lamp that looks like it belongs in a Chilis.

And here is after:

The chandelier you see came from my in-laws’ dining room. They were replacing it so I asked if I could take it and work a little magic. Two cans of black hammered spray paint later…

Tada! You have a totally new chandelier! This guy fits perfectly into our dining room area and gives off amazing light! The upside-down bowl pendant we had before gave off the same kind of light you would find in a pool hall or shining above a smoke filled card table with guys playing poker. This one is much prettier and dainty!

The frame you see to the left is a shadow box I picked up at Michaels with a 50% off coupon. I had wanted to fill it with vintage kitchen utensils but then I remembered my granny had given me a ton of pictures and letters her brother wrote to her while he was off in WW2. I had wanted to find a way to display them and this shadow box was the perfect venue. It makes me all mushy and warm inside every time I see it just thinking about how our lives were (are) affected by war and the strong bond between siblings. Plus, it’s my family.

The wall to the right holds some platters that I turned into frames to show off mine and Aaron’s family. I’m big about putting up old pictures of our families because it’s a daily reminder of where we came from and they bring back great memories. It’s especially important to me for when our kiddos get here so they can see the people and the family that they are a part of.

In case you were curious…the thought bubble to the left is a chalkboard that I snagged off of Red Velvet Art.

The blackberry plant is a housewarming gift from our friend, Michelle. She has a blackberry bush and I always told her that when we got a backyard I wanted to plant some blackberry bushes. She remembered! Now, I just have to wait a little while to plant it so its temporary home is in our kitchen.

These plates I painted myself. I found the idea on my go-to spot for creative inspiration.



There it is! The kitchen progress so far. I’m so thankful for a space that we can finally make our own! And I’m glad it didn’t need any major work. I’m happy with everything now but if we ever have the time and the money I’d love our blue paint with white cabinets, glass subway tiles, and butcher block counters like this:

(Design Sponge)


I’ve got a few more projects and progress photos I’m going to be sharing so keep an eye out!

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