Jealousy, The Big Green Monster: Contributing Post on Dancing Upon Barren Land

Hi all! I’ve been absent around here for a while but I’m coming back, I promise!

In the meantime, head over to Dancing Upon Barren Land to read the post I wrote about jealousy called Jealousy, The Big Green Monster. It wasn’t something I was particularly excited about writing about because I didn’t want to ruin my perfect image *chuckle* by airing out all of my envious dirty laundry. But I put it out there and hope you get something out of it.

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Hi, I'm Hannah, the coffee-drinking, Jesus-loving, joke-craking author behind Everything Sunny Always. I'm also the author of the upcoming book, "Waiting for Grace." Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog! I hope you find some encouragement, hope, or a good laugh while you're hanging around! And feel free to say, "hi." I'm all about virtual high-fives!

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