Inside My Makeup Bag

In high school I would wake up two hours before school, wash my face, fetch a bowl of cereal, then spend the next 1.5 hours doing my makeup. My makeup collection from ages 14-17 consisted of everything you could imagine – from jewel toned eye shadow to cream eye shadow sticks, to black liquid liner (I still haven’t mastered how to apply that junk), to five different hues of blush, all the way to blue-tinted mascara *shivers*. I took meticulous care in applying my makeup. At 25, if I were to take that long now applying my makeup it would be because I’m going to the Oscars.

Now, my makeup routine has changed drastically. If it takes me longer than ten minutes that means I’m going somewhere fancy. Every time I go into a store, if I’m tempted to buy makeup I ask myself, “Will I REALLY wear this?” If I don’t see myself wearing it on a daily basis, maaaaaaaybe a weekly basis, I don’t get it. I get so claustrophobic by having a cabinet full of products I don’t use and this is the practice I have initiated to prevent that. The same goes for other toiletries (lotions, soaps, face wash, etc.)

I have two levels of makeup; I have a makeup bag I carry with the daily makeup I use. The second, under the bathroom counter I have a very small drawer of “other” makeup where I keep the fancy lipsticks, five other eye shadow pallets, a few brushes, and my liquid eye liner (told ya I still don’t have that down). Pretty much every makeup item I own is considered drugstore makeup. Unless it can literally prevent pimples or give me lashes like Zooey Deschanel, I have a hard time spending money on something I wouldn’t wear daily.

Here’s a look into what I use on my face almost every day…

1. Loreal True Match Naturale gentle mineral makeup in Soft Ivory. I wore Bare Minerals for a very long time because I felt that the powder foundation did really well with my naturally oily skin. But then I grew up and didn’t want to fork out my own $25 for makeup every three months. This Loreal mineral makeup is the closest thing I have found to Bare Minerals. I love it! I just wish it wasn’t so messy when I’m putting it on in the car.

2. Maybelline Cover Stick in White. I don’t think you realize how white I am. One time on an audition the casting director asked if I was considered albino. I’m white, people. Every single concealer in a drug store was too dark for my complexion and I’ve always read that your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation. Well, my foundation is the lightest they have. I can’t believe it took me this long to find WHITE concealer! I’ll say, it does a decent job hiding my dark circles and helping with redness without giving me an orange tint.

3. Cover Girl Cheekers Blush. Blush is so important for me because I am so pale. This blush was purchased on a whim. I’m ready to try a new blush and I’ve almost purchased a new one on many occasions in a light coral color, but I feel the need to finish with this one first. I like it, I’m just ready for something different. Also note, because my skin is so oily it does better to use a powder blush rather than a cream blush.

4. Bare Minerals Concealer Brush. This is one of my best makeup investments. Once I put on concealer I use this brush with my foundation and go over those spots with it. $20 well spent.

5. Cover Girl Oil Control Pressed Powder in Classic Ivory. I just use a little bit of this to set my foundation.

6. Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Pallet in Natural Smokes. I love this pallet! The main reason is because of the liner shade. Once I apply a liner with a pencil and smudge it, I apply the darkest shadow on my lash line with a brush. I also love that every color on the pallet goes well with my coloring. That’s rare for eyeshadow pallets.

7. Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara in Very Black. This is a new purchase and so far I’m digging it. I don’t know if it’s all psychosomatic but I really do feel like my lashes look longer with this mascara. If you decide to try this don’t freak out by the little fibers on your brush. At first I thought they were little hairs and it grossed me out but then I realized that’s the fibers they’re advertising.

8. Loreal Lash Boosting Serum. This may be another psychosomatic product but I really do feel like this helps keep my eyelashes conditioned and full. I still have bouts of trichotillomania (something I’ve dealt with sine I was 10) and when it starts getting hard for me I put this serum on my lashes to help keep my hands away from my eyes. I use this daily and love the cool, clean feeling it gives my eyes.

9. Sonia Kashuk Eyelash Brush. I’ve had this since high school! I can’t believe it’s lasted me almost ten years. The reason this is my favorite eyelash brush is because of the pointed metal bristles. They’re more likely to actually do the job of separating your lashes.

10. Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner in Brownish Black. I mentioned my liner routine earlier. I use this liner on my lash line, use the smudger to blend, then go over the lash line again with a liner brush with dark eye shadow.

11. E.L.F Eyeshadow Brush from Target. I never use the sponge applicators that come with eyeshadows. I always use a brush.

12. E.L.F. Concealer Brush used as an eyeliner brush. There’s no scientific reason for using a concealer brush as a liner brush. I just do and it does me well.

13. Prestige Eyeliner in White from Ulta. Instead of using white eyeshadow under my brow I use light strokes of white eyeliner. I feel it’s less fussy than eyeshadow.

14. Noxzema Brow Razors. Way back in the day I used to wax my own eyebrows. Did I just make you gasp? I had the whole setup with the wax heater, the popsicle sticks, and strips to yank those little hairs out of your face. But it was SO much hassle! Thankfully I found these eyebrow razors that help me keep up the shape of my brows.

15. Tweezers. Gotta tame the caterpillar, ya know what I mean?

16. Eyelash Curler. If I want to get fancy I pull out the hair dryer and warm it up a little bit to help keep the lash curl longer. But that’s only for things like the Oscars and meeting the President.

17. Burts Bees Chapstick. I always have chapstick on me. Always. Even if I wear lipstick, chapstick goes on over it.

18. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Crush. I think I’ve been telling everyone this is Cover Girl. Oops. This is my newest venture…lipstick. I’ve never really worn it but this color has made me a believer.

19. Cover Girl Lipstain in Flirty Nude. This is for dress-down days. I’d like to have some color on my lips that isn’t lipstick, isn’t bold, and that will last a while. I put this on then some Burts Bees.

20. Ecotools Makeup Bag by Alicia Silverstone (from Walmart!). The makeup bag I had before this one was falling apart so I finally caved and got a new one. (My hesitation is always due to my clutter issues) This bag is so cute and fits perfectly in my purse. AND I got it at Walmart for only $8. Score!

That wraps up the tour of my makeup bag. What are some of your favorite makeup products. Do you have something you can’t live without? What about moisturizers and face wash…do you have something you swear by?

My latest beauty venture has been trying out a new face cleansing routine. I’ve taken pictures and will have to do a whole post on it soon.

  • Maddy - Wow! Love the adorable little bag and all the goodies inside. I have to admit, my makeup routine in the mornings consists of moisturizer and blush…that's it! I should attempt to add a little more eye makeup to the mix, but I'm usually too tired to care at that hour ;o) ReplyCancel

  • Kyla - I use foundation, under eye concealer, powder, blush, and mascara in the mornings…and they stay at home. Occasionally I wear long wear lip gloss, too. I seriously need a new make-up bag, though! ReplyCancel

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