I Heart Blogging: How to take photos for your blog

How to take photos for your blog

I love photography and heavily incorporate my photography into my blog. Taking pictures wasn’t something I learned over night and I’m still learning and will be for a while. But with practice, I’ve gotten better and with practice I’ve learned how to use photography as its own character on my blog.

Below are a few ideas and tips for taking and posting pictures on your blog.

TAKE PICTURES. This is a super-basic tip for blogging. Think of creative ways to incorporate pictures into your blog posts. To do that, it requires you to actually take pictures. You don’t have to have a fancy camera to be able to have pictures on your blog. A point-and-shoot or cell phone works great! Actually, cell phones are perfect because we already carry them everywhere! Pull that camera out and make it a habit to take pictures. Look for the little things, the moments or details that might go unnoticed. Often times taking those pictures can give you inspiration for a whole post!

CONSTANTLY WORK AT TAKING BETTER PICTURES. Once you get the hang of taking pictures on a normal basis, start working on taking better ones. There are several different aspects that make a great photo. Here’s the low-down: great composition, natural light, creativity, and story telling. This topic is a whole post in itself so we’ll cover that soon. But in the meantime, work with my next point….

TURN THAT FLASH OFF! Please, oh please, oh please, oh please….turn your flash off! Photos are much more pleasing to the eye when they are taken in an abundance of natural light with no flash. If you’re used to putting your camera in auto take a baby step and turn the flash off, open the curtains, face your subject toward the window, and snap some pictures. I’ll be the first to say that it’s important to get a clear crisp picture for posterity’s sake so using a flash isn’t completely evil in that regard. But, if you’re really looking to improve your photography, this is a very crucial step. It will definitely add a different element to your blog.

TELL A STORY WITH YOUR PHOTOS. Using your photos to tell a story is a great way incorporate some creative photography into your blog posts. HERE is an example of what I’m talking about. All I’m doing is making coffee but going from A to Z in a step by step adds something to my post that if I had just captured point A and point Z. Try doing this in other areas…your pet’s reaction to a bath, your baby’s first solid food, your date with your sweetie. Get creative and tell a story with your photos.

DON’T BOMBARD YOUR POST WITH TOO MANY PHOTOS OF THE SAME LOOK. I get so frustrated when I read a blog post and it looks like the same exact photo but really there’s only a minor difference in each photo. Only post one or two photos of the same pose and then move on. If you’ve taken a bunch of photos of one particular instance, weed through all of them and delete the ones that are completely unusable (out of focused or cropped horribly). Then, pick a few that are your favorites and widdle your decision down to one or two. Sometimes only using one or two photos hits harder than if you bombard the reader with an entire post of the same-looking photo.

IF YOU’RE GOING TO POST A PICTURE OF SOMEONE, PLAY IT SAFE AND ASK FIRST. This will also be discussed when I talk about blogging etiquette. If you’re unsure about whether or not you should post a picture of someone on your blog, play it safe and ask them. Especially when it comes to peoples’ kids and if you’re not the main cheese of an event. For example, my friend Adam invited me along on a groomnal shoot. I took my camera and took some pictures of him and the couple (after making sure it was okay to do that). Because I was only there to observe and because the clients weren’t mine, I made sure to ask him if it was okay to post pictures of him on my blog. When in doubt, ask. Even if they think it’s silly you asked, they’ll respect you for it.

ONLY POST FLATTERING PICTURES OF PEOPLE. If you do post pictures of other people on your blog, make sure you only post flattering pictures of them. This creates trust with your friends and family. If you have your camera out at an event and you are taking pictures of everyone, they are more likely to oblige if they trust that you’re only going to share the most flattering images of them. That goes for looks and for content. Say you posted a stunning picture of your friend. But she’s doing shots. Sure your friend might look good while she’s doing shots…but she’s doing shots! Her reputation is at stake so always be conscious of what pictures you are posting online of other people. It’s all about trust.


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  • Maddy - These are all great tips! Turning off the flash is such an easy way to take your pictures from drab to drab. I agree, less is more with photos and well, blogging in general 🙂 Sometimes the best pictures are the simplest of regular life stuff. ReplyCancel

  • Lesli westfall - Thanks for helpful tips and advice Hannah! I love the collage of the pictures, especially the your tootsies! 😉 I was just asking 'the man' about getting a camera for me (you'd think we'd have enough around here). He said a Nikon Rebel might do good for me, what is your suggestion? I know about composition and lil' about the settings too, but don't want anything too fancy and economical! ReplyCancel

  • Kyla - Great tips! I think limiting size of images is a good tip, too. Big enough to appreciate, but not so big that it takes ages for the post to load. ReplyCancel

  • Hannah - YES! I can't believe I forgot to write that because it's something I think about often! Thank you for bringing that up! ReplyCancel

  • Rachael - This is great Hannah! Thank you so much! 🙂 Love Kyla's tip too… I'm inspired! I think I will take some photos today 🙂


    Rachael ReplyCancel

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