I got paid to write!

Life has been so full lately that I forgot to mention something pretty awesome!…

I got paid to write! Not only that, I got paid to write something FUN! It’s a comedy web series called FORE!.

{photo courtesy of watchfore.com}

Back in October I answered a writers call for a new comedy web series that was being produced. All that basically is is an “audition” for writers. We had to submit some of our comedy sketches to give an example of our writing and comedy style. From there, they gave the writers who made it past that round a synopsis of the series and character descriptions and had us write a spec script – or an example episode of the show, based on the info they gave us, to see how you would write for that specific series. After all that writing I ended up getting the job. I spent the next month working with two other writers to pump out the first four episodes.

It was quite a challenge because the other writers are in another city and we communicated remotely, we were writing something brand new, and a lot of the work was in character development because it was brand new. Which is something I learned about myself as a writer…I get really wrapped up in developing characters. Maybe that comes from my acting/directing background? Probably. Or maybe that’s just my personality. But I really enjoy getting lost in the characters, their motivations, their characteristics, and their relationships between each other.

All that to say, episode 1 is now online! And a new episode will be released every two weeks. You can watch the first episode here: http://watchfore.com

{photo courtesy of watchfore.com}


In other writing news…

So you heard I’m writing a book, right? That’s still happening and is a constant work in progress. I am a little very bummed that the book title, Waiting For Grace, is already out there. So coming up with a new, yet similar, title is something I’m always thinking about. I just hate that I’ve branded “Waiting for Grace” here on the blog that it will most likely get changed. Oh well, I just have to move on.

It’s challenging at times to write a book because I get so overwhelmed with the big picture and also the tiny details, that I lose sight of the little goals, freak out a little, and retreat. Fortunately I have been blessed with a few wonderful, supportive cheerleaders that have taken the authorship road that are backing me up and pushing me to be and do my best. They’re great accountability partners. These cheerleaders and accountability writer friends are helping me to stay focused, set goals, and follow through with them. I feel incredibly blessed to have that in my life and highly recommend praying for/finding those kinds of friendships/relationships/support group if you are interested in pursuing a project like that.

Basically, my book writing news goes something like this: I’m writing a book titled, “TBD” that will be out “TBD.”

I’ll let you know when those “TBD’s” get replaced.

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