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House Tour – The Office, Round 2

Today I’m starting off a little Home Tour series where I’ll be showing all you strangers out there in cyber-land where I do my daily business. The partial reason for giving myself blog post deadlines for a Home Tour is to focus and complete the dozens of projects I’ve left undone around the house. They aren’t finished, not because I’m lazy, but because I’m always jumping from one project to the next. I’m also excited to show off all the hard work I’ve done so far to turn our house from Builder Blah to Bunker Fab. *cue TV theme song music*

The first stop on our tour is the office. Now, you might be remembering our first office from this post. Things have changed since then. The office is now in a completely different room. Like I said, I’m always moving from one project to the next and when I decided I wanted to switch the guest room and office, I dropped everything and mountains moved!

Since this room used to be the guest room I had to focus on finishing this room so I could move everything out of the old office in order to move the guest room furniture into it’s new home, the old office. Confusing? Just know that our whole upstairs was unlivable for a few weeks. I busted tail to get the bones of this decor finished so I could start organizing our workspace.

One of the reasons I wasn’t happy with the last office was because I made the mistake of painting it dark grey. The office is where I take most of my pictures and with one window as a crummy light source how much of a pain do you think it was trying to get decent pictures? It was not good. At all. Plus, I really wanted the guest room to be grey. That helped fuel the decision to switch rooms. I decided to make the new office a completely white room in order to bring in more light. You’ll notice that there aren’t many things on the walls. That’s because I want as much white as possible. I also wanted to keep the middle of the room clear so I could set up a mini studio with back drops and lighting.

I’m really proud of what I’ve done and it makes me so cheery to spend time in here. The Christmas lights help add to the ambiance. I don’t even care if it’s stupid. When I’m working in this room at night and those lights are on…they make me stupid happy!

Boy side. Girl Side.

These shelves used to be stained brown and in the living room. I painted them jade and moved the shelving up to the office. Here’s a peek at what they used to be.

Aaron’s side is minimal. He only keeps out the books he’s currently working through then puts them in a storage area when he’s done using them. But my counselor husband always has books on his shelf and they are always about relationships and marriage. That’s where his heart and his ministry are.

That box on the third shelf is one my Mom’s dad made for my granny. It has mine and Aaron’s mushy love notes and memories in it. I always think it’s such perfect storage for something like that since my papa made it as a mushy love gift for my granny.

And no area of Aaron’s would be complete without some sort of golf momento. Tiger Woods’ bobble head sits happily on Aaron’s shelf.

Please note the saying on his bulletin board: “Once in his life every man deserves to fall madly in love with a gorgeous red head.” – Lucille Ball.

I wonder who put that there?

My side of the scale is a little more crowded and cluttered. Organized clutter, I’ll have you know; Everything from writing guides, to paint supplies, to scrapbook supplies…

…and probably one too many pictures of Tina Fey.

What can I say? The woman inspires me.

A happy place.

My editorial calendar made out of chalkboard paint and yarn. I made it I’m darn proud of it. I write all my blog post ideas on post-it notes then schedule them in each day, well in advance. This thing has kept me insanely organized on the blog front.

This little table was a $15 antique store find that I painted blue and revived with some new legs.

Then on the top I decoupaged newspaper replicas of 1940s newspapers from WWII.

Surprise! Storage! This French door closet was another reason I wanted this room to be the office. It had so much storage potential. I took out the wire clothes rack/shelf and we put in two of our bookshelves for our individual office storage. As you can see, Aaron’s side is books. My side is craft & scrapbooking supplies.

I’m sorry to say that’s it for the first stop on my interwebs House Tour. I’m not sure which room to do next, but whichever it will be, I’m excited to show it off!

So did you dig the chalkboard+yarn calendar I made? Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you the whole tutorial on how I made it!

  • Jill - Daaahling! Fabulous!

    You did a great job, Hannah B.!

    I REALLY like the way you utilized the closet space.

    The editorial calendar is cute, crafty and a fantastic idea. {If you are not doing so already, I would recommend using bistro chalk markers on your calendar. They come in vivid colors and erase clean w/o mussing up your chalkboard paint. Michaels/Hobby Lobby — use your 40% coupon!}

    Your recycled table is definitely a Hannah B. style and I really like how you decoupaged the top with vintage newspaper reproduction in keeping with the date of the piece. Very clever.

    You are such a talented girl! ReplyCancel

  • La - Too funny! I just bought xmas style string lights for my bedroom yesterday. I had them up in H.S., but you know what…they make me happy too! ENJOY them! 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Kyla - It looks great!! Our house is such a hodgepodgey mess, I don't think it will every be cute like yours! ReplyCancel

  • Hannah B - Thanks for the feedback. I really love this space. Jill, I’ll have to try the chalk markers you’re talking about. I just used plain-jane white chalk…although I do have some blue, pink, and green to mix it up! ReplyCancel

  • Mary - ADORE! Looks so great =) We are needing a big office space! ReplyCancel

  • Maddy - Looks fantastic!! Our office project is next on the list and I'm looking to do something similar with a "his" and "her" workstation. Tons of inspiration here! ReplyCancel

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