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Home Tour: The Playroom

The playroom has been an ever-evolving space since we moved into our house over five years ago. When we were kid-less, it was the room that just stored our extra couch and ancient tube TV. Then, once the kids came home, it all happened so fast that it was just a blank space that housed toys. And it drove me nuts because I love creating and decorating a space to make all our own. The builder beige walls depressed me every time I walked into the room. But for their first year of the kids’ life, I barely had enough energy to make sure I had clean underwear. So I didn’t start working on it until LAST February. That was when I painted the walls. And since last February, it’s been a constantly evolving space as our kids grow and need new safety/toys/stimulation/play which means I’m constantly rearranging and organizing.

For example, I quickly learned that Ikea Beckvam spice racks to hold books were geniusly used as a ladder to scale the wall. And I’m in a constant battle to figure out the best way to hide cords to keep twenty little fingers from getting to them. But for this stage of their lives, I finally have it figured out! So I snapped some pictures during one of its RARE, clean states to show you how the playroom has evolved to how we currently have it decorated. Enjoy!

These pictures are from January 2015. For an even earlier look, imagine it even more empty than this…

home tour_0013home tour_0014


Today’s playroom!home tour_0000

Let me tell you, I am all about using the resources that I already have in a new way to make our spaces look new, but also to keep a project on the cheap. I’m VERY budget conscious 1) because I have to be and 2) because I don’t want to bring in any more things to our house because I’m so tired of THINGS!

This playroom is almost 100% recycled decor from other areas of the house.

home tour_0001

The “Sing More Songs” and “Read More Books” are prints I hand-painted that you can find in my Etsy shop for download.

The couch was part of the sectional from our living room that I brought up to the playroom so we have a place to sit.

home tour_0002

The A and R are from my sister, Rebekah, who had them hung on the wall in her room and gave them to us. So I made a T and call it an “artistic choice.”

home tour_0003

The canvas was one I had laying around since Aaron and I got married. I had decoupaged book pages to it a long time ago but wanted to make a whimsical piece of art for the kids’ play space. I was listening to The Sound of Music one day as one normally does, and this lyric stuck out at me and it was the perfect. So I painted it…

home tour_0004home tour_0005home tour_0006

And here’s all the fun. I try to keep this toy system purged frequently, organized, and clean. But with two 2 year olds, I try to keep realistic expectations. Their favorite thing to do is to pull all the boxes down and dump all the contents out. I’m holding onto hope that some day they will actually enjoy getting one box out at a time and picking up before they drag another one out. Until then, I’ll continue my best to teach them that concept.

home tour_0007

Sentimental wall, here. The poster on the left was our adoption puzzle from when we were fundraising for our adoption. The Wizard Of Oz Pez dispensers because Aaron and I started dating when we were both in that show in college. The blue chicken wire frame has several mementos, including the baby socks from my first HOPE infertility support meeting nearly six years ago. The baby with the spaghetti head is from Aaron’s grandma that he’s had forever. And of course, we have to have family photos hanging up! The basketball goal is going to have a little makeover because it needs to be cute and not so corporate.

home tour_0008

Sigh. Organization, I love you.

home tour_0009home tour_0010

The labels I found on a website from pinterest that you can find here.home tour_0011

And there you go! Our little playroom!

home tour_0012

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