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Home Tour: The Playroom, A Minimal Approach

We have an on-going joke in our house about how I’m constantly making our house a home. I’m always changing something since we moved in nearly 7 years ago.

Writing this post is making me legit LOL because I thought I would be done with showing you rooms of this house; Within the last 2 months we put our house on the market to sell and have taken it off. And now you’re getting a house tour post! That whole explanation for selling then staying is a GIANT post for another day. For now, if the Lord doesn’t lead us elsewhere, we decided to stay in our home for another 3-5 years. But after purging and packing A TON of things, I’ve started putting our house back together to be livable rather than “showable.” (Because I’ve been living in “showing” mode for two months and that world with pre-schoolers is SO FUN *deadpan*)

Today you get this post. What our playroom looks like for now, in May of 2017. And I’m also LOL-ing at how incredibly PACKED the last playroom tour was. Go check out that post. Isn’t it insane?! Waaaaaay too much stuff. It gives me anxiety now. When I tell you I’ve purged and decluttered, I’m NOT joking.

See this post if you want more information on that map and how I made the $2.25 frame for it.

We used to have 2 Expedit shelves to house all the kids toys. We purged so much that now we only need one and even that one is empty. I set up their little puppet theatre and the purple bin hiding behind it is where we store all the dress-up clothes because that seems to be some of their favorite things to play with at this stage. We keep it in the massive bin because it’s so much easier to just throw in rather than hang up, and they can just move it out of the way when they want to play with puppets.

That’s it!

I did an experiment where I hid toys away for several months to see if they missed them. Everything in their playroom is something that they enjoy and play with all the time…like that cart – I’m constantly hearing it being rolled around upstairs. And that drum set? Well, I’ll let you imagine the music being made in our home. Some days I just pop in my sound proof headphones and jam to some JT while they make their music upstairs! haha!

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