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Home Tour: The Playroom…Evolution

Our playroom is the space in our house that changes the most. And it’s not because of my habit of rearranging. It’s mainly because when kids are such a young age, they grow so fast! As their growth evolves so do their toys…and their ability to climb things to get to those toys. Aaah!

Last year I shared this version of the playroom. Between that post and this post you’re reading, I have rearranged this space THREE TIMES. I mean, big rearrangements! The trampoline was on two different walls at one point and the new couch has moved as well. Thrice have I moved things without documenting. But this arrangement finally feels like a good fit for the kids’ play habits in this season and my need for order and a pretty room.

home tour_playroom2_0000

We’ve always wanted a sitting area for this space so we could hang out and play as a family but we didn’t want to pay a ton of money for a couch that was for mainly a kids’ space because, you know, kids are messy. In the last post, part of our living room sectional was in here but decided it worked better downstairs with the rest of the couch. So we ordered this sofa bed from Walmart on black friday for only $100!

Ps. Millie needs a haircut!

home tour_playroom2_0007

Remember the Ikea Ivar shelves that I’m obsessed with? Here’s how they started out in our living room and here’s how they got repurposed in our living room makeover.

Since we are only using the cabinets now in our living room, we had the shelves available to use elsewhere. I moved the Expedit shelves from the first playroom post into the office and moved the Ivar shelves from the living room into the playroom. I like the Ivar a lot better for the playroom since it reaches so close to the ceiling for me to store things higher that have small pieces or are messy so the kids can’t reach.

home tour_playroom2_0001

For their birthday and Christmas they got a ton of dress up items! I don’t know if they were more excited or if I was. Playing dress up was such fun for me as a kid (maybe that’s why I majored in theatre!) that I’m excited my kids have their own dress up stash. I simply screwed in some hooks into a spare piece of wood and hung it on the wall.

home tour_playroom2_0003home tour_playroom2_0002

I’m also so excited that their book collection has grown SO much!

home tour_playroom2_0004

Another huge update is this Pottery Barn table I bartered with a friend. This thing is massive and AWESOME! At some point, when they’re older and not using it anymore, I’m thinking of making it a coffee table for the living room.

home tour_playroom2_0006

And of course, the trampoline. We’ve got to get that energy out somehow. Tip: I tied a string from one pole to another and made it a game to see who can jump the highest to try and touch the string. They’re still too small to actually reach it, but it gives them motivation to really give the jumping a boost.

The chalkboard is also a lot of fun for them and pretty easy to clean up.

home tour_playroom2_0005

So there you go; an update of the latest playroom look!

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