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Home Tour: Our Kitchen

After 3 years of living in our house, I finally have the kitchen decor in a place where I like it. Except for the missing concrete counters, penny tile backsplash, and farm house sink. I’m thankful for what I have, but those ideas frequently pop into my home decor dreams.

Someday. Someday.

I realized I’ve never posted photos of our kitchen so I thought I’d give you a little tour into our quirky kitchen space!


This space is where Aaron often finds himself, being the cook of the family.

Most of the items in here are either antique, given to me by my granny, or DIYs. There are a few new decor items, amongst them is Aaron’s little chef man holding the olive oil in the bottom right of the below photo. I have a thing about decor that has eyes that stare at you – I don’t like it. I’m weird, I know. So when Aaron brought home his chef friend I immediately said “HECK NO.” He doesn’t fit and he has eyes. Until I calmed down and compromised since Aaron is the cook.

That’s what marriage is, people. Compromise. Aaron cooks and gets his little chef man that holds the olive oil. And I fight the urge to throw him out when I find the olive oil in any place but his weird arms.


We had this huge, unused wall space above the fridge until a few weeks ago when I MacGyver-ed some shelves to the wall using a drawer, a crate to hold cook books, and an old CD holder to hold and display our mugs.




See this platter DIY here.



Our dining table is one of my absolute favorite items in our house!


Thanks for sticking around for a peek into our home! I’ve tried to gather as many details as I can…

Curtains :: fabric from Ikea // Chalkboard thought bubble :: Red Velvet Art (no longer available) // Rug :: WalMart //Towel :: Target // Canisters (on top of cabinet) :: Macy’s (6 yrs ago) // I Declare Poster :: gift from church (can’t find it online) // Labels on spices :: Martha Stewart for Staples // Napkin holder :: Target (2 yrs ago) // Plates (top of cabinet) :: Goodwill and designs by me using porcelain paint // Dining chairs :: Ikea

  • Aunie - SO SO SO CUTE! I love that quirky space! ReplyCancel

  • Rachael - Coolest kitchen table ever! I love how it ties in with your retro/vintage/antiquey things on the wall behind.

    Also – I fully support you in your quest to remove things with eyes from your kitchen counters. Buuuuut… also applaud your compromise approach. I should try remember that one… ReplyCancel

  • Dream Bedrooms - I love the mugs on the kitchen shelf. They are so cute. ReplyCancel

  • original site - I, too, love those assorted mugs on the kitchen shelf. I also like that shelf full of accents (rolling pin, books, etc.). Your kitchen looks great! ReplyCancel

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