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Home Tour: A Black & White Master Bedroom from DIYs and Repurposed Decor

We’ve lived in our house for five years now and every room in the house has been intentionally decorated in some fashion or other. My motto has been “Making our house a home.” Our master bedroom? The motto has been, “We’re not using it anywhere else, throw it in the master.” It’s been the place I’ve hung decor where it didn’t fit elsewhere. I haven’t had a firm idea for what I wanted the room to look like so I haven’t really worked too hard to decorate it nicely. I just threw in leftover decor and called it “eclectic.”

And like most ideas I get, all of a sudden I knew what I wanted and it needed to get done stat. That’s the way I work – I get my mind set on something creative and I make it happen. Fortunately, it came right around Christmas time so I had a little extra pocket money to make my our (oh, who are we kidding? Aaron doesn’t care what it looks like as long as it’s functional) dream bedroom!

My favorite part of any project – besides the end product – is being budget conscious. I’m not opposed to spending money on something that I absolutely love and will last a long time; but I’m also a big fan of finding more affordable options and repurposing. And that is what we have in our new bedroom.

Our bedroom has never felt like a retreat. Now it does. I’m in love, y’all.

But to appreciate the newness, let’s take a glimpse at the before:

2015-12-08 22.07.08

Goodness, right? I never showed you official home tour pictures of our master because, duh, it wasn’t decorated. So this was a quick pano I took to ask some girlfriends what I should do with that awkward angled wall on the left. No styling here. Just a full suitcase, vacuum in the corner, and cluttered dresser real life photo to show you.

We went from all gray walls, clutter, and “eclectic” decor to this…


Oh yeeeeeah! I keep telling Aaron, “This feels like a grown up room!” It finally feels like a retreat where I just want to sit and escape.

It’s minimal and not cluttered like it used to be. The decor is intentional. It’s full of custom-made details I DIY-ed myself. And it’s bright and cheery – even with a black accent wall (which *melt* is my favorite thing in the world right now…besides Adele’s new 25 album…but we’ll talk about that in a few).

I decided on white, black, and gold as the main colors throughout the room. And wanted to have the chicness of gold with the rustiness of wood.


Okay, so let’s talk about that angled wall. It’s been a thorn in my side for five years. I haven’t known what to do with it since we’ve been in the house. Every time I walked in the room I’d sigh because I knew it had potential, I just couldn’t figure out it’s purpose. Then  last week, I was going through the garage and saw the pile of scrap wood left over from our deck and it hit me to do this…

A shiplap wall! Okay. First, I spent zero dollars making this happen because it came from scraps we already had. And second, I LOVE that it adds texture to the room and gives the AAW (Awkward Angled Wall) something to do. I can’t stop staring at it. You’re beautiful, AAW. I always believed in you.


I knew I wanted a black accent wall. We have one in the playroom and every time I’m up there, it makes me so happy. It makes all the colors around it pop while giving the room a relaxing vibe. So I decided on one black accent wall and the rest of the walls stark white to help make the room brighter from the light the black wall would suck up.

Everything on the wall, besides the lamps, were something I already had.


You can see in the before photo that this canvas had a giant flower hanging from it (that I made out of toilet paper rolls, thankyouverymuch). It was already covered in sheet music that I modpodged over the canvas several years ago. I white washed the sheet music and painted song lyrics from some of my favorite romantic songs; the chorus from Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, and my newest favorite…Sweetest Devotion from Adele’s new album…which I listened to on loop the entire time I was working on the room…which was about three days straight. So I had to include some of her lyrics in my painting. I mean, I wore that album out. I may start calling this “the Adele room” because I feel like this room is that album. Is that weird?



My necklace rack is a pot lid rack from Ikea that I had in our junk pile ready to donate. But, inspiration. I spray painted it gold and used it as a new place to hang my necklaces.


Aaron and I have planned on getting these Ikea Tarva dressers for several months but were just waiting until it was in the budget. Our old dresser wasn’t cutting it 1) because it was too small for both Aaron and I 2) the kids needed a dresser 3) and it just wasn’t doing anything for me emotionally. I had refinished the dresser a long time ago but it wouldn’t go with what I had in mind for the whole room. So we moved our old dresser up to Gracie’s (soon-to-be) room and the Tarvas are perfect. I thought hard about painting it glossy white, but decided to stick with the natural wood for now to add texture to the minimalist white wall.


I’ve had the Manhattan map for a long time just waiting for the perfect place to use it. And since NYC is sentimental to us for so many reasons, what better place for it than our room.

And the light used to be silver but I painted it gold to go with my gold/white/black theme.



My jewelry/perfume stand is a DIY you can find here.


The legs and knobs of the dresser I painted gold because, you know…themes.


Let’s talk goals and functionality for a sec.

My goal is to keep our bedroom a clean, clutter-free retreat. I want this space to feel like an escape. So the crap…stays out. But in thinking of this goal, I was like, “How realistic are you being, really?” Because we all have those places in the house that catch our crap.

So with being in this undecorated room, I’ve figured out where those places are in our bedroom and I set up a small area for the purpose of catching those every day items that you can’t avoid.

First, is a chair in my corner of the room for things like my purse.


A chair in the corner of Aaron’s room where he sets up his belongings to get ready for the next day.


And a basket in the place where I always take off and throw my shoes. Because walking ten more feet to place them in the closet is like UGH!

I’m hoping these little areas will prevent stuff from building up in the corners of our retreat while still being realistic that some clutter will happen. But this…this is controlled clutter.


There you go! Our new, grown up master bedroom! I’m seriously in love. Just sitting here…writing this post…and glancing up at all my hard word…and swooning a little.



Ps. I already had that mirror and painted it gold. Repurposing…boom!


Bed: Rooms To Go
Comforter sets: Target
Throw Pillows: Pier 1
All lamps: Ikea
Dressers: Ikea (Tarva)
Manhattan map: The Paper Source
Curtains: Martha Stewart at Home Depot
Nightstands: Target
Black chairs: Ikea
White paint: Swan White by Behr
Black Paint: plain ‘ol chalkboard paint (I had it on hand)
All photos of us taken by Adam Nyholt

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