Happy New Year, 2012

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Oh SNAP! What’s that? Hannah has a MacBook? You betcha! That’s in addition to the Apple TV and Apple Keyboard I got for Christmas. Girlfriend’s an Apple groupie now! I just need an iPhone which isn’t that far in the future.

But really, I’ve been working hard on saving for a MacBook and my purchase came just in time; my PC crashed within a day of my MacBook initiation. Which leads me to this lecture: BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER! Thankfully, I had 3-4 different backups of my photos, docs, and music but had I not? I would have crapped my pants, cried, and eaten an entire gallon of ice cream. So please, preserve your memories and back up your computer onto an external hard drive (at least!).

I’m so behind on editing personal photos and writing blogs that it’s starting to get sad and weigh me down. Now, at least I can use the excuse that I’m having to completely switch over and learn a new operating system. I have so many posts to write with events that go all the way back to the beginning of November! I hope this transition from PC to Mac goes smooth so I can get organized and start cranking out more posts as well as finally launching the Etsy shop I’ve been talking about for forever. I could really use a pat on the back and some well wishes.

So, it’s a new year, eh? Welcome, 2012. You better have your act together because this sistah is ready for a seriously butt-kicking year.

NYE tradition…eating at the Japanese Hibachi grill then playing games with the Bunkers.

2011 was a very emotional year for us. We have been so blessed in so many ways but the reproductive arena really kicked our butts. The roster includes my laparoscopy/hysterscopy surgery where they found and removed some serious endometriosis that has caused some scarring, two failed IUIs, and finding out that I have a low egg reserve which disqualified us from a specific in vitro study we had gotten into and were in the middle of. 2011 was a kick in the lady hood, as if my lady hood hasn’t been messed with enough.

I’m not one to make resolutions because I’m the type who tries to avoid failure as much as possible and new years resolution have a stigma of failure.  Bob the Trainer would totally bust me on my fear of failure if I were on The Biggest Loser. Whatever..I’ll work on that at some point. Plus, resolutions are cliche and I don’t like platitudes. But even though I’ve been avoiding resolutions, I can’t help but make some sort of goals because I’m a type A and love making lists.
What I’ve been thinking about are several character qualities in me that need to be changed, refined, and left behind. I’ve tried to create some sort of mantra to act as an umbrella for all of these things I need to work on. I loved reading this post by Emily and it’s been in the back of my mind for a long time.

Be Intentional


There you have it. I’m deciding to be more intentional in my life.

I don’t like how angry I get so quickly: Be Intentional-Do some inner digging and work on being slow to anger. Some things aren’t worth getting angry about.

I’m so disappointed in myself that I don’t have my Etsy shop up yet: Be intentional-Get over the disappointment and make the time to do it.

I like how comfortable we are in life now but it’s also one of the things that gets me down the most: Be intentional-Do something new.

I have so much to write about: Be intentional-Get organized, make a schedule, and WRITE!

I always seem to be waiting on the next big thing in my life: Be intentional-Stop waiting and start chasing.

I feel like most of the time I’m a selfish spouse: Be intentional-Purposefully think of ways to put Aaron first and do things for him.

I feel like I’ve lost a lot of my joy: Be intentional-Start digging into your relationship with the Lord and find your joy in Him.

So it looks like I have a lot of little “resolutions” disguised as some pretty hefty issues to deal with. I’m definitely one of those people  who feels like the new year is a time to start fresh and 2012 is the start of Being Intentional. And if I fail, that’s okay. This is a lifetime of stuff to work on. We can’t do all this in a year…it’s going to take a lifetime of Being Intentional.

And of course we hope 2012 is a very FERTILE year! That’s beyond my control but we’re going to be intentional and expect a miracle.

Here’s my virtual high five to you, dear readers. Go out and conquer those resolutions! Carpe diem!

  • Maddy - I like your motto for the year – be intentional! I think I need that same attitude in the new year, especially when it comes to the business and starting a family. Cheers to a very fertile new year – for you and me both ;o)

    And congrats on the Macbook! You'll love it! I'm hoping to save up my pennies for a iMac this year too 🙂 We shall see! ReplyCancel

  • Aaron - Well written beautiful. Let's do this. Intentional…here we come. ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Just found your blog through Living in Yellow, and am loving it. Your pictures are awesome and I love how you catch the every day things. Totally one of my goals this year. I do notice though that your words get cut off on the right side of your blog, not sure if that's just on my computer for some reason? Hope you don't mind me mentioning that, I was just very interested in what you were saying, especially the fertility paragraph. I'm having issues there too, and I always like to see how other people are handling it. I'm a new follower! ReplyCancel

  • laura @ hollywood ho - Welcome to the world of MAC! It makes life so easy – you'll never go back.

    Being Intentional is something I struggle with, too. I feel like I'll go through a whole week and can't remember a single thing that I was intentional about.

    I wish for you a very FERTILE 2012. In all ways. ReplyCancel

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