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Happy Mother’s Heart Day


I became a mom 4 years before Cason and Gracie gave me the title.

I was a mom in my heart.

I very clearly remember Mother’s Day as a stinging reminder that my aching desires had not yet been met. It would hurt when the only people who were acknowledged were only women who had cared for children when that’s all I desired. It left me feeling isolated and unimportant.

This Mother’s Day is my first with my children.┬áBut I know so many women out there are moms without their babies yet. And this Mother’s Day, I just want you to know that I see you. I’m believing with you. And I’m acknowledging you as Mom. You, sweet sister, are beautiful with the heart of a mother. And any child will be so blessed to give you that title.

And I can only imagine how aching it can feel for the same people in other situations…

To the women (and men) out there who’ve lost their moms, I grieve with you. To those who Mother’s Day is a painful reminder of abuse and neglect, I wish I could hug you tight. To those moms out there covered in spit up, laboring daily to raise your babies, I feel you. To the working moms who wish they could be home, I more than admire you. The the birth moms who made a difficult choice to place their babies for adoption, you have my utmost respect and admiration! To foster moms, you are incredible. To spiritual moms and women who are mentors, you have a special place in my heart.

Happy Mother’s HEART Day, my friends. Please know that you are loved and thought about today.


Sidenote: Those flowers were a centerpiece at a wedding I worked at last weekend. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

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