Happy Birthday Abby & Boo!

Seventeen years ago today I became the proud big sister of two beautiful, raven-haired twin girls. I spent 7.5 years as an only child and I was tired of being so alone. I wanted someone to play with. We have this running thing in our family that says, “When Hannah prays, God listens.” My mom likes to tell the story of one day she picked me up from school and we were walking to the car. I guess I had a rough day because as soon as we got to the car I slammed my hand on the hood and proclaimed, “I’m going to pray so hard that God gives me a little sister to play with!” So I prayed and prayed and prayed for my little play mate.

I remembered when mom told me that she was not only pregnant but that there were two little babies in her belly; I was in the bathtub taking a bath and she got home from a long day and came straight into the bathroom where I was. She sat on the edge of the tub and said something along the lines of, “You know how you’ve been praying for a little sister? Well, now you’re going to have two.” My reaction was the classic Hannah-the-ham type…my eyes got big and I pretended to faint, flailing backwards into my bath water. I was so incredibly excited.

I never really knew when they were supposed to come. I probably asked my mom every day, “are they coming today?” Then, January 28th I woke up and my grandparents were at the house. They told me that mom and dad had gone to the hospital to have the babies. “What?! And why couldn’t I go?!” Dad called to inform me that I was now a big sister. They had let me choose one of their names, Abigail. We like to say that all of us girls are named after women in the Bible but my sister’s name actually came from a rat from the movie “Furn Gully” that was named Abigail. Mom had taken me to see it when she was pregnant and as we watched the movie I turned to mom and said, “Abigail would be a good name for one of the babies.” So when dad called the day they were born he told me that Abigail and Rebekah were happy and healthy.

I’ve always been a proud big sister and I’ve always thought they were the cutest little girls God has ever put on this earth. Even now, I look back at pictures of them as kids and I just want to squeeze them so tight because their cuteness is just irresistible! It really makes me wish I could go back in time. And when I think about all the times they would come banging on my door just to say “I love you” and how much I would ignore them or tell them to buzz off because I was busy…I’m kicking myself because I would give anything now to have those two freckle-faced, rosy-cheeked girls banging on my door just to tell their big sissy they love her. I would never turn away an “I love you” a hug and a kiss. So, all you big siblings out there…treasure those pesky little bros and sisters. You’ll wish you had because time flies.

Now, they are two of the most gorgeous young ladies I’ve ever known and I’m still as proud as ever to be their big sis.

Happy Birthday, Abby and Boo! I love you so so much!

And because I love you I couldn’t resist sharing some cute (and almost embarrassing photos). hehe. 🙂

This was only a year ago when they turned 16.

  • Diana Gulski - Hannah, I love what you did in honor of your twin sisters! It is soooo sweet! These 2 cuties have turned into beautiful young ladies! Great job big sis! ReplyCancel

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