It’s an Adoption Party!

The day after our Adoption Day court appearance, we threw an Adoption Party bash spectacular to celebrate the kids’ adoption. We’ve known from the very beginning that this was going to be a party this year. In the future, we’ll have a small celebration with just our little family of four with cupcakes, or dinner out, or something special they want. We won’t throw a party every year, but we wanted this first year to be a big celebration!

We don’t throw many parties so I was excited about making the details for this unique celebration. Plus, it gives me an excuse to craft, and we know I like being crafty. There wasn’t really a theme because I don’t really do themes. Color schemes, yes. Themes, no. This will probably change when my children desire a Singing in the Rain party or a Sound of Music party (I’m petitioning for these already. I’m going to be such fun mom. *wink*), but for now I like to keep it simple…and cheap. Everything I used was something I already had on hand.

Also, I should have followed my instincts and hired a photographer for this because I picked up my camera ZERO times and I’m KICKING myself that we don’t have pictures with everyone who came. UGH! A big thanks to my friend Barbie who did pick up my camera for me and captured the details and some special moments. And thanks to my in-laws for sending me their iPhone pictures. Those have saved me.

The theme color scheme of the party was pom poms. There’s no pom/adoption metaphor, I just wanted to finally make some poms. Plus, some of the pom garland I made will double as house decor now that the party is over. Frugal and universal is my party/home decor motto.GotchaParty_0000GotchaParty_0001GotchaParty_0002GotchaParty_0003I designed the guest book myself and will share a blog post about it soon.GotchaParty_0004Homemade “Celebrate” banner. Homemade’s how I roll.GotchaParty_0005GotchaParty_0006We had been counting down the days on our thought bubble chalkboard in the dining room.GotchaParty_0007GotchaParty_0008GotchaParty_0009GotchaParty_0010GotchaParty_0011GotchaParty_0012GotchaParty_0013GotchaParty_0014GotchaParty_0015GotchaParty_0016GotchaParty_0017GotchaParty_0018Those two days – our court day and our party – were some of the most emotionally overwhelming of my life…the good kind of emotional overwhelming. We felt so much love and support from everyone that it’s hard to express the love and gratitude in my heart.

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