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Girl’s Bow Station

My friend Jaclyn had her baby shower on Saturday. It was so much fun celebrating with her and Landon and the rest of the very special McDuff family. I love those guys.

For Jaclyn’s baby shower I planned on making her something. She had seen this project on facebook a while back and commented on how cute it was so I found this frame, okayed it with her, and went to work putting together this girl’s bow station. I know you’re asking…What is a bow station? It’s a place to put the thousands of bows that girls (and their moms) collect for their pretty little heads. When I was a kid my bathroom was overflowing with bows and hair knick-knacks and I had no place to put them. Eventually I made a bow station out of a hanger and some ribbon, but this would have been so much cuter!

The supplies. Not much. Both the frame and ribbon are from Hobby Lobby. I wasn’t sure at the time how much ribbon I needed so I made sure to get enough. I ended up only using about 2-3 of each pattern.

My work station was the living room floor. It would make such better pictures if we had hard wood floors. *cough cough* 🙂 Feel free to work where ever your heart is most content.


The frame was 16×20 so on the long side I marked 7 lines 2.5 inches apart (if I’m remember correctly). On the short side I went 3 inches from both sides then went 5 inches to the middle. You can really play with the measurements depending on what you want.


Cut the ribbon to the length of the side you’re working on. Make sure to cut a little extra. I ended up folding and gluing the excess ribbon to hide the staples.

Please ignore the hair that snuck in the picture. That’s the risk of working on carpet.


Staple those bad boys down  making sure they are pulled tight. Some people, like my dad, would have used a level to make sure the ribbon was straight. Me, I’m a risk taker..a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal. I eyeballed it. But I’ve got good eyeballs for that sort of thing.


One end done. You could stop here, but why not take it to the next level?


I stapled three more ribbons to the other side then wove them through the existing ribbon, alternating the weave pattern.

You’ll notice in this picture that I also glued down the excess ribbon where I stapled. I used Mighty Mend-it but a hot glue gun would have worked.


The final product.


Some of the bows she got at the shower made their way to the bow station. I think I might be making a few of these if this bow collection keeps up.


A little inscription.


Love this girl and little Kailey.

I’m definitely going be making my little girls one of these someday. What if I have boys? Well then, I’ll man it up with some chicken wire or chain to hang their baseball caps and fedoras! That’s right, my boys will wear fedoras. Little boys in fedoras are just the cutest things! 🙂

  • Maddy - Why didn't you post this earlier, my dear! This would've been awesome for my sis-on-law's baby shower! Oh well, I'll file it away for the next one…because I'm sure there will be a next one 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • amy - SUCH a sweet gift…if only I had GIRLS! ReplyCancel

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