Expectations for BlogHer

I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for the Big Apple. My bags are all packed and now all I have to do is go to bed at a decent hour. I’m not going to keep you too long over here with a long post but I just wanted to outline a few expectations I have for the BlogHer conference I’ll be attending. Here’s a basic outline of what I’m expecting:

  • nothing.

No, that’s not a typo. What am I expecting? Nothing. Okay, okay I know that sounds drab. You might be thinking, “If you aren’t expecting anything then why are you going, dufus?” Well, I guess expecting nothing isn’t exactly true. I guess a more accurate approach would be to list all of the things that I’m NOT expecting that people who attend BlogHer might expect (or so I’ve read from past attendees). Here’s that list:

  • become famous.
  • meet a million new friends even though I don’t know a single soul there.
  • party it up like it’s 1999.
  • network the crap out of myself.

There you have it. Those are the things I’m not expecting. I’m not expecting to show up with 4,000 other bloggers (or however many) and to come out of it on top of the world with a popular blog because I was shameless in handing my business card to every person that makes eye contact with me. I don’t expect to double my following just because I’m attending a conference. I’m not saying all this to sound harsh. I have two points to this:

1. Did you read my post about {being an introvert}? Someone recently asked me if I was the kind of person that can work a room. Quickly, yet proudly, I was able to answer with an “absolutely not.” I’m not wired that way and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I’m the kind of person that when a conversation is struck, I’m an intent listener, I’ll share my heart, and love getting to know people. But I’m not a forcer. I’m all about making friends and would love to walk away from this experience with some wonderfully deep connections. But I’m not going into this experience with an agenda of forcing myself on anyone.

2. I think that for this go-round I need to take the time to focus on me. How can I be a better blogger? A better writer? A better business person? A better world-changer? I want to be diligent and take this experience as a time to learn from what’s put in front of me. While I thoroughly agree it’s important to build a platform, make friends, and “network” (I thoroughly loathe that word), If I go into this focused on everyone else, I’ll lose a part of the goal of focusing on bettering myself. I know it might get discouraging being a little fish in a giant ocean of bloggers so I’m just hoping to learn a lot while still staying positive about what I have going on here.

With that said, that’s scratching the surface of what I’m thinking about my trip to Blogher.

Now being in New York? That’s a whole different kind of excited!

  • Maddy - I am definitely not one to work a room, part of the reason why I shy away from events like BlogHer. But maybe one of these days I'll be brave enough to check out one of these events. Alt Summit has been on my radar for quite some time…we'll see. Looking forward to meeting you though :):):)

    Have fun in NYC! But from the looks of it, you're already having a blast! ReplyCancel

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