Episode 6: Winter Blitz

It’s cold down here in Texas. And not just “I ate a bowl of ice cream and now I’m cold” type of cold. It’s more of the “cover your plants, don’t let your pipes freeze, and bring your pets inside” kind of cold. So cold that an ice storm last night has canceled ninety-five percent of schools for the day.

Now, I’m just chronically cold. I always carry a sweater with me just in case I get a little chilly because one of the things I find the most uncomfortable is when I am trying to enjoy myself but I can’t because I’m too busy shivering. But in spite of my cold nature, I love the cold weather.

I guess I don’t love the cold weather so much as I enjoy the mood I’m in when it’s cold outside. It makes me want to put on my pajamas, fix some hot chocolate, and hop into bed with a good book. But when I have to go out into it, that’s a whole other story.

Yesterday the temperature was thirty-eight degrees and my wardrobe consisted of long john pants under my jeans, thick wool socks, a tank top, a long sleeve undershirt, a t-shirt, my heavy Eddie Bauer coat, a scarf, a beanie, and even a pair of gloves. I wanted to stay as warm as possible on my two minute walk from my car to the building where my class was held. Even the inside of my car was freezing. I could have left a bottle of water in my car and it would have been icebox temperature by morning time.

But in my defense the weather report did say that yesterday felt like twenty-five degrees and to this Texas girl who is used to the heat and humidity, that’s pretty darn cold.

So I’m going to enjoy the cold weather while it lasts. Because by the time summer rolls around the only cool air that I’ll be able to get is by standing in front of the freezer.

  • Aaron - hey baby! I am glad to hear that you are TRYING to stay warm. I wish I could be there, maybe us just standing there could create some major heat. We are quite the hotties. Well, enjoy that hot chocolate. In fact, I think I will go make some as well and maybe we can have a hot chocolate date over the phone. I love you my Ice Princess ReplyCancel

  • Dr. Guzman - Brr is right. Eduardo was so thrilled that U of H didn't happen until 10…Me? Hey, my school district was open….and even the Fred Hartman Bridge had no ice. So much for the hystria of the artic blast. Us Texans are such sissy when it comes to cold weather. ReplyCancel

  • Carisa - I understand completely…We had TETA this past week, and we were outside on the coldest day of the week (Wednesday). There were five of us out there at 8:00 in the morning, when it really was somewhere below freezing (I'd guess the 20s, but maybe I exaggerate). We all got to stand outside and shiver, with the wind blowing and the rain coming down-it was soooo cold in downtown Houston! Holy spider monkeys, it was ridiculous. I never want to be that cold EVER again. EVER. There is a reason I like Texas, you know.Glad you survived!! ReplyCancel

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