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Embracing the Hustle and the Chaos

every day_0000A couple of weeks ago I set up some simple lighting in our playroom and recruited Aaron to take a few quick snaps of me. I needed a headshot to put on some business cards to hand out at a conference I was going to. As you can see, the picture turned out fairly decent.

Here’s this lovely, put-together photo to show, “Hey, I’m Hannah. I’m kind of awkward and shy, but let’s be friends and do business.” Right?

As I was standing there posing, trying to take a semi-professional picture, it was total chaos around me. Toys under my feet, kids begging to be picked up or wanting to climb up my light stands, short tempers between Aaron and I, Bubble Guppies blaring on the TV…

The smile says “Hi, I’m Hannah” but my nerves were saying, “Get a Moscow Mule in my hand STAT.”

I checked to make sure we got a decent headshot and stepped back on my spot to take a few more for good measure. And as Gracie sat on my foot to play her drum and Cason zipped into the frame to snatch up a toy behind me, I asked Aaron to zoom out and capture the madness.

every day_0001

And this is real life, people. The dynamic of our family and our work. We hustle hard but life still has to happen in the middle of that hustle. And we can either choose to freak out and hide under the covers – which, not going to lie, I have done several times – or we just keep going, typing an email while we pour a glass of milk. Make a phone call while we wipe boogers. Or take headshots while your kids are playing around you.

So if you end up with one of these babies in your hand, you’ll know the labor of love that goes into doing the hustle of life and work together.

every day_0003every day_0004every day_0005

  • Kristan Kremer - I love that you included the zoomed out shot. Very cool biz cards! You might notice that I just stalked you all over the internet, but I promise I’m not creepy. Just a mom still up and on the computer at 2 AM, and happened to find your stuff. Just wanted to say I love what you’re doing. xoxoReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - I totally get being on the computer at 2am. There many times. Thanks for checking out my internet stuff and for the fist bumps! ReplyCancel

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