Embrace the Camera: April 28, 2011


Hey my little ones,

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to talk to you about this week; what little nuggets of wisdom was I going to impart on you? I thought about talking to you about patience. Now, even though you may think I’m awesome, and I am, I have a hard time with being patient and it seems like my patience has been tested a lot for a while now in many aspects of my life. I get to the point where I feel I’m crawling my way out of my desperation, still trying to remain patient. You’ll understand what this is like when you ask for that Snickers in line at the grocery store and I won’t let you have it. But struggling with being patient had me doubting that I’m even qualified to talk to you about the subject. But I’m your mother and you’re supposed to learn from my life right? So here I’m telling you.

Patience is a lot of work. Believe me. There are a ton of things I’m desperate for but they still haven’t happened. I have to make a conscious effort to stay focused and remember that things happen for a reason when they are supposed to happen. The waiting is all a part of the journey. You learn things in the trying-to-be patient times. You grow and you learn things you never would have had you not been through your waiting period. The road is rough, little one, but don’t let the tough times get you down. These times while you are waiting are only temporary. The joys in the end far out weigh the trying times in the middle. So be patient, loves. Things will be okay.

Love you,


Oh, and there’s supposed to be pictures right?! Of course! This week is a daddy edition. Your dad is looking lovely at his birthday dinner. Oh, how I love this man.


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