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Easy and Organized Christmas Card Storage


Well, Christmas is over and it’s time to take down the decorations. And our decorations include all of the Christmas cards we received over the holiday season. I love getting Christmas cards from people but it has always stressed me out figuring out what to do with them after Christmas is over! For years I would heartbreakingly toss them in the trash (don’t judge!) because I just didn’t know how to store them.

Until this…


This is probably the most easy DIY in the history of DIYs. All you need is a hole punch, a binder ring, and some scrap paper.

I used open, blank 5×7 cards I’ve had in my craft stash since our wedding to use those as the year separators between the cards. Then, to label the year, I just cut out a piece of scrap paper, stamped a pretty border, and wrote the year. Then I punched a hole in the corner of each card and put those suckers on the binder ring.


And now you have the most organized, beautiful, easy way to store your Christmas cards. It’s like a scrapbook! If you’re sentimental like me, this is the perfect solution to look back and reminisce!

I love looking back and seeing how much our friends’ kids have grown over the year. And once we add more years, we’ll see even more of a transformation!

xmascardstorage_0003What about you? Do you like keeping old Christmas cards? What’s your storage solution?

  • Barbie - Well gee, now I'm hating myself for throwing out cards last year! But seriously, this is great and I haven't thrown out this years stash yet! I am feeling bad I threw out some baby announcement cards though. Fiddle Faddle! At least I have a good idea for next time and this years Christmas cards 🙂ReplyCancel

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