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Easiest DIY, Ever! – Wooden Serving Platter

I was over at my friend’s house and being the polite hostess she is, she offered me some coffee. I never refuse a cup of coffee (unless it’s on a road trip to avoid frequent stops…tmi?), so I said yes. Coffee is my love language, after all.

She brewed a pot then busted out a lovely glass cake platter that held little canisters of sugar, creamer, and other goodies. I thought that was the loveliest touch so I set out to do the same thing because I wanted my at-home coffee experience to be just as lovely. But of course, I have to be funky and do things a little differently. My coffee condiments now sit on a slice of wood, perched atop a white ceramic bowl. My own cake platter/coffee condiment bar.

I didn’t take step-by-step photos because it’s just THAT EASY. I was also just really excited to get my project finished so I forgot to take pictures. No worries. It’s easy.

You’ll need:

  • Slice of wood (found mine at JoAnn’s but you can find them in the wood section of any craft store)
  • A ceramic bowl of your choosing (Ross. $3. Blamo, cheapo)
  • Liquid nails
  • A heavy object (A sumo wrestler, a tire, and elephant’s foot, or just a giant book will do)

Alls ya do is squeeze the liquid nails onto the bottom of the ceramic bowl. Stick it to the bottom of your slice of wood. Put your heavy object on top of the bowl. Let it sit overnight (or however long your adhesive instructs you).

Bam. Just like that *snaps* you’re done.

So easy!

Now go, make your own! Come back and let me know you made it and show me some pics!


Note: I opted out of physics in high school so I wasn’t so sure how wide the bowl base should be to support whatever would go on the platter. I chose to go with something wider so it would be more sturdy because I was worried if I went with something skinny, uneven weight distribution on top would tip the platter over. But I’ve seen other people use cups in these cases and they seem to work okay. Use your own judgement.

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